Friday, April 22, 2011

So I guess you have all been wondering where I have been?

Life has been super busy. I actually have taken another break from WoW, between overtime at work, planning a wedding, and working on other websites there has been very little time to work on this blog. On top of all that all my friends quit WoW so that didn't help much either with my decision. So we will see how things go with this site.

I currently run about 12 websites in various niches where some are joint ventures with other bloggers. Some are still in development but are getting close to being launched.

If you happen to be a blogger and are looking for resources for generating traffic, making a passive income for your hard work, and SEO techniques to build your ranking in Google then check out my new website

The website just recently launched but I have content setup to be posted the next two weeks with more guides to be added shortly. I am also looking to create some videos with tutorials on blogging methods and traffic generation.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WoW Schools Gold Guide Price Drop!

One of my favorite gold guides just had a huge price drop. WoW Schools was selling for $29.99 but is now going for $13. This is the gold guide that got my start in gold making and helped me to amass 250k gold!

Here are some of the topics it covers:

  • Learn to Make Tons of Gold at Level 1

  • Tutorials on all Gold Making Addons

  • Auction House tips and tricks

  • Best Farming Locations

  • How to use Professions Correctly to get Rich

  • Tactics to Reach Gold Cap

Check out the guide here, at WoW Schools.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snatch List for Righteous Orbs

I've been making pretty good money selling crusader enchants on horde side of my server but I have been leveling some new characters through PVP on the alliance side because the que times are instant. What I found on alliance side was several instances where someone had no idea of the value of a righteous orb. Usually because there was none on the auction house at the time so noob players have nothing to reference by.

So I have been seeing righteous orbs occasionally sell for 4 to 15 gold and I have been snatching these up and reselling for 70 to 100 gold! Pretty nice profit margin especially for some new characters on the other faction. Lets me stock up on enchants and new gear for my characters while I PVP!

So if you're not an enchanter or you may be leveling some new characters, start keeping an eye on righteous orbs. Even if you are an enchanter you can maximize profits by selling the crusader enchant. You might find some great deals on your realm!

Thanks for checking in!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cataclysm Gold & PVP

There is a large number of the player base that only PVP because that's what they enjoy. For the most part they don't want to quest or do any type of dungeons which can really limit the amount of gold you take in if you don't play the auction house. If you're one of these players then this tip may help you out.

We all need gold to buy new gear if you are leveling new toons through PVP or you need some bling if you want to enchant and gem out your gear. Let's face it, enchants and gems can be really expensive depending on the type of upgrade you are looking for. So how can a hardcore PVPer make any gold?

One answer is using the the Honor Trade Goods NPC in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar to buy up trade goods in exchange for honor points. Some of the items might sell very well depending on your server's economy. Currently on my realm I can purchase a stack of 5 savage leather for 375 honor points then turn around and sell those same 5 savage leathers for just over 200g!

At one point it was profitable to purchase and resell stacks of embersilk cloth but now that prices have dropped, savage leather is the real money maker.

Plus look at the benefits of reaching the point of obtaining all the honor gear you can get. You will still be PVPing for fun but will be able to spend all that honor on trade goods and make some serious gold.

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Great Gold Guide

Since I'm taking a break from blogging, I wanted to leave up my recommendation for a gold guide everyone can use.

Before I ever read a gold blog the first gold guide I read was WoW Schools. That guide helped me jump into auction house addons, which I was a bit nervous about, and I was able to use it as a base to develop my own strategies. From there I started making quite a bit of gold and never had to worry about gold again. Since the day I bought it I have been able to buy everything in WoW that I could possibly want.

If you are looking to get a complete guide on setting up addons, what to sell, and other various strategies for gold making then pickup the WoW Schools Gold Guide. Go from rags to riches! Get a chopper and all the BoE gear off the auction house!

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