Thursday, April 29, 2010

My starting gold and assets

I've been using some gold making techniques the last two weeks when I started trying to make gold. I had taken a break from world of warcraft for about 4 months after being very serious in raiding. So when i came back I had 5g on my main because I had given most of my gold to friends.

Since then I did some dailies and chain heroics to get some starting gold then got to work crafting items and working the auction house.

Liquid assets are sitting at 4k gold. I have a total inventory of around 4k gold as well. So I am sitting around 8k gold total. Not bad for a little over two weeks of crafting and playing the auction house.

Here is some updates today, my paladin Nakedjay, is a JC with about 5 epic plans at the moment and several rares. I have made a killing this morning on Bold Cardinal Ruby. Buying uncut cardinal gems for 100 to 105 gold and selling cut bolds for 180g!

I'll also let you in on two 200 item levels epics that you should look to flip on the auction house. Normally I stay away from 200 item level epics because they are so outdated with easier to obtain gear that's available. Here are the two items,
Mantle of the Extensive Mind and Wapach's Spaulders of Solidarity. I easily buy these on the AH for 150 to 200g then resell them for 300 to 600g! Not a bad profit for little time invested.


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