Friday, April 30, 2010

Using Bids instead of Buyout

We all want to buy low and sell high but are usually impatient when we go about this. For example, you do your auctioneer scan and look for any great deals. But you look over the items that you can't have now, items that don't have a buyout or that do but have a low bid.

So many people post their items on the AH and only worry about the buyout price and don't change the default bid price. Just this week I have won 8 level 80 epics for 6 to 8 gold just by placing a bid. I made 300 to 400 gold off each of these items. Even if it is a larger bid but has a good profit margin it is worth it. Two nights ago I placed a bid on a
Titansteel Spellblade where the minimum bid was 400g and buyout was 1000g. I woke up to my surprise and won the item! I turned around and sold it for 850g! These are the great deals you can look for.


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