Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing for Cataclysm

There is going to be a very large demand for some many existing items when Cata releases and we can begin stock piling these items now. So step back and think for a moment of what is going to be needed. New characters will be leveling goblins and worgens so we need to think about what these new characters will need.

First off bags will be needed, I currently have about half a bank full netherweave bags and a few frostweave bags. I plan on having an entire guild bank full of bags come Cata launch.

Glyphs is going to be the largest money maker come expansion, there will be a huge demand with all the new characters. I am going to have inscription maxed out this week and will work on obtaining glyph masterys. I want to have a very large stock pile going into Cata.

With jewelcrafting I am going to forget about epic gems. I believe that most players will ignore epic gems since they will only have new gear for short periods of time while leveling. I believe the money will be made in rare and uncommon gem cuts. With prices declining in raw gems these should be easy to stock pile.

BoA enchants are going to be a big seller as well. Here are the ones I plan on stock piling, Boots - Minor Speed, Chest - major health, Chest major mana, weapon crusader, weapon - fiery, & Chest - greater stats. Weapon - Spell Power & Healing Power are very difficult to get but do work on BoA.

If you are a blacksmith, of course focus on belt buckles.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flipping Epics

Flipping epics can be very profitable but you must know what you are doing. There are certain items that can be deceiving in price history whether it is in your own auctioneer data, wowhead, or thottbot. 200 item level epics are a perfect example, there is many easily available epic crafting plans available for many professions and no one really wants to waste their time buying 200 level epics since LFD is so easy to get gear.

These are the only two 200 item level epics that I flip, Mantle of the Extensive Mind and Wapach's Spaulders of Solidarity. I can consistently buy these for around 150g and resell them for 350 to 450 gold.

You have to be on the look out for some really great deals, there is so many players that have no idea what BOE epics are worth but they think "I'll sell it for 1000 gold!" only because 1000g is a lot of money to them. I've been able to buy these BOE epics and sell them for 2000 to 5000 gold.

Great example, I logged in one morning and I find on the auction house Shawl of the Shattered Giant for 450 gold. Needless to say my eyes lit up and I bought it knowing I was going to make a killing. I reposted it for 3500g and it sold within the hour!

In less than an hour I made 2,875g, granted these deals don't happen every day but its very possible if you are able to scan the auction house enough you can find these deals once a week. I find one of these type of big deals every two to three weeks and that's just with me do my regular scan in the morning. One last tip, running your auction scans in the morning is the best time to find deals, especially with your snatch list. Purchasing usually slows down over night, during the week, but items continue to be posted on the auction house all night. Prices drop because of the lack of demand and that is prime time to find deals and build stock.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Undercutting Wars - How do you win

The basics of winning undercutting wars is building up a stock pile to compete with everyone else. So let's think about your strategy. You are about to go into a market where there is heavy competition, you are prepared to invest the time to make sure your items are the lowest price, but how do you handle the constant undercutting?

This is an area which is more of a kind of opinion that fact. If you are being heavily undercut what do you do? You have a couple of options at your disposal. You can just go as low as you can possibly go as you pray that the demand eventually hits your demand. OR you can go out and make friends with farmers and build one heck of a stock pile that can easily compete with your competition. If you can buy a product for much lower than you competitors then you will remain on top of making a profit. Your competitors will have to give up eventually because they can't make a profit.

Something I have done of late is that I undercut down to no profit or a negative loss. I feel that the competitive nature of me does not want my competitors to gain any gold which they could further gain as investment in stock against me. If I can slow or prevent that from happening I feel that I am in control of the economics of my realm.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Gold off Investments

Now this is something I do with my close friends in WoW. They give me gold or stock items that I can use to craft items and sell. They are making an investment into my WoW business. I split all profits with them on their investment because they are gaining access to my professions.

Think of it this way, I'm going to assume most of your friends only have one 80 and maybe that 80 has one profession maxed out. They are very limited at making gold and may not want to invest the time to level more characters or professions. You can give them the option of investing in your business and allow them to get a return on their investment.

This is another great way to make money. Some of my friends approached me and said "hey, I've got a bank full of all these items can I give them to you and have you craft X item? I'll split the profits with you." I thought this is great! So now my friends send me their mats or gold to return a profit for them. Granted this does take a lot more management keeping track of all your sales, which I recommend a separate bank alt just for this, but if you have time this can be another great revenue stream!

So ask your friends if they want to make gold I bet some of them would be takers.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Managing your Empire

You're probably thinking, what empire? Is it striking back? Well possibly depending on the market, but I'm talking about the economic empire you are currently building or have already built. Here's a few tips I am going to share that will help manage your WoW business better.

1. Make level 1 Bank Alts, I have 3 Bankers that I use for each profession.
2. Create your own guild and buyout the bank tabs, put all your characters there, except the mains you raid with of course.
3. Get the Postal Mail Addon - See my post from 5/20, makes opening mail a cinch!
4. Get Going Price Addon - searches wowhead for going prices on items (I use this for epics I am looking to flip but have no data on)
5. Get FuBar with MoneyFu Addon - This will keep track of all your gold across all characters and show your profits.
6. Create Macros for posting in trade channel for example, "WTB stacks Raw Epic Gems, 85g each"
7. Keybind your Disenchant and Prospect abilities

(I'm going to assume you already know what auctioneer is and if your not using it then go immediately right now and download it!)
These addons are freely available from

I hope these tips will help you work smarter not harder. I have one bank alt that does nothing but auction house flipping and I send anything from my 80s that I get from raiding/questing to it as well. You can create up to 10 characters per realm so you can easily have a bank alt for each crafting profession, unless you have more than 5 80s. Having all that storage space is critical when you are building up stock and especially now when you should be stocking up for cataclysm. Last tip, if your inventory and bank is filled on a character you can always send the items anyway and let them sit in the mail box for extra storage then retrieve later.

You need four characters at minimum of level 66 to reach 450 skill in non gathering professions. Death Knights are easy to level to 66, you can do it in a day or two, then use them for the other professions you are wanting to level.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tailoring: Crafting & Selling bags

Tailoring may not be the biggest money maker out there but it is very easy to level and even easier just getting high enough for frostweave bags (410 skill). Plus you are always looking for more revenue streams and this is an easy one to get.

Frostweave bags sell for around 30 to 60g each and usually only cost around 10g for mats. Netherweave bags sell around 15 to 25g each and usually only cost about 4 to 5g to make if you buy the mats outright.

Both frostweave bags and netherweave bags are hot sellers but netherweave bags just fly off the auction house. I can't make enough netherweave bags to keep up with the demand on my realm!

BTW, if you haven't checked out my post from a couple days ago on netherweave cloth farming please do! That is a method I use to farm netherweave cloth when I have bought up all the supply on the auction house.

Cataclysm Profits
If you are looking on to the future think about the upcoming expansion, everyone is going to be leveling new goblins, worgens, and trying to get to 85 on their mains. All these new characters are going to need bags and I can bet that you can become the only person on your server who can meet this large incoming demand.

I recommend starting to create a stock pile of bags, like maxing out your bank and a guild bank. Every week keep a few bags back that you craft compared to what you're posting on the auction house. I predict prices will sky rocket to meet this demand and a very handsome profit will be made.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Update 5-25

So far this week has been up and down with markets crashing then slightly reviving. I saw the epic gem market crash and return back to normal this last weekend. It was fascinating seeing the undercutting wars I was getting into.

My DK is sitting at 73 still and I have been leveling herbalism on him. I've only got it up to 230 level but I should be able to cap it this week. I forgot how much of a pain it is to level herbalism.

With jewelcrafting I was able to make 7k, then I invested another 3800 gold in raw gems through a farmer I know at 90g per. This allows me to make a minimum profit, at current prices, of 50g per cut to an upwards of 100g.

Tailoring I made 1200 gold but I didn't have much time to focus on tailoring this week.

Flipping items on the auction house 2k, glyphs I normally flip just flat out didn't sell, demand must have really plummeted. I was able to flip about 20 crusader orbs pretty quickly during the week and the rest of my profits are in selling my stock piles of eternals.

The numbers,
Vanity Pets = 600g
Jewelcrafting = 7,000g
Tailoring = 1,200g
AH Flipping = 2,000g
Total Profits = 10,800g
Total Investments/stock = 12,000 gold (estimated)

I really need to get my other professions leveled and start utilizing my enchanter. I am taking next week off for vacation, which means I'm going to sit at home, and do nothing but level professions. It will take some big investments but I am hoping I can get Herbalism, Inscription, Alchemy, and Enchanting all completed. Then I can finally break loose on some really nice weekly profits.

After not playing arena for 6 months I found out just how rusty I am. My arena partners came back as well and we found out that are old team setups just don't work anymore. Ret/Hunter used to be very fun and competitive but it is no longer a viable comp like it once was. We could easily take that comp up to 1800 but now it was a complete struggle. Apparently being in full furious, 3 wrathful offsets, and a relentless axe are no where near enough. It really felt like everyone was putting out way more damage than I could. So I think I am going to have to either buy a weapon from a raiding guild or try getting into some ICC raids. I'm not much of a raider these days as I just don't have time for it.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Farming Netherweave Cloth

I've found a great area where you can farm hundreds of netherweave cloth in an hour plus it is a great area to aoe farm.

The location is at the entrance to Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. There is large groups of demon hunter trainers on the south side that are easy to group up and aoe down.

Map Link Here

Video of location and mobs,

You can follow a path where you start by clearing out the south side of outer Black Temple then move to the north side. By the time you are finished with the North side all of the npcs will respawn on the south side. In an hour I have been able to farm 640 netherweave cloth and make 150 to 200g vendoring trash and greens.

This is the exact method I use to keep my supply up for crafting netherweave bags.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WoW Remote Auction House

Taking first looks at the beta Remote Auction House I have to say that I am impressed. The web based front end is speedy, as quick as in game for searches and postings. It allows you to post items not only in your inventory but also from your bank or mailbox.

I tried out the iPhone app which was very slow to use. Going back and forth between searching and posting items took a while. I am going to assume this was because of speed limitations at 3G. I would expect this app would become worth while when 4G speeds become available.

When this goes from live to beta the free version will allow browsing of the auction house, existing auctions, successful auctions, and viewing of inventory. The paid version, for $2.99, will allow creating auctions, bidding, buyouts, collecting gold from mail, and cancelling of auctions.

I am considering whether or not it would be worth it for me to pay the extra $2.99 a month. I think this would be a great tool to use while I'm at work but I would still be limited since I can't craft items that I need to sell. I would need to plan ahead with all of my supplies and have everything crafted in stock piles, which I do to an extent now. Regardless I think the free services will still be great to use at work so I can check on my gold making at all times.

If you want to check out more here is the link to the WoW forum post,

What do you think about the new service? Post your comments and let us know!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Project: Level 5

With the release of new races in the upcoming expansion several of my friends have been leaning towards playing Alliance because they all want worgens. I personally want to stay on horde and test out a goblin but I don't want to be left all alone either. Can you imagine how many variations of the name Jacob are going to be running around on Alliance as worgen?

So I started thinking that I need to plan now for expansion with Alliance and build up some capital over there. My plan is to level a character up to level 5 on Alliance side then play the auction house only. Post a weekly result on the weekend and see what kind of profits I can turn. I think this would be a big learning experience for me and I can share that experience with everyone. There is so many low level items that I will need to figure out how to flip and what methods are the best at such a low level starting out. If I am lucky I might be able to find someone paying for a guild charter of 3 to 5 gold to get me some starter money.

I am still debating whether or not I want to create videos of my scans and postings. If you have any suggestions on this project please let me know by commenting or via e-mail.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Alliance - Use the Auction House and Mailbox from the same spot

This is a great tip for Alliance players who are wanting to play the auction house. It gets annoying running back and forth from the auction house to your mail box. Plus that's time you're wasting that could be spent increasing your gold per hour! There is a spot in Stormwind where you can stand and use both the mailbox and the auction house!

Here's how it works, go to Stormwind and get to the front of the auction house. You want to walk up the steps but don't go inside, walk to the left and stand on the edge of the ledge between the mailbox and the wall of the auction house.

Here is a screenshot of where to stand,
Auction House Gold Guide

Now what you want to do is press control + V together so you can view player & NPC nameplates. You should now see a green nameplate of Auctioneer Jaxon. If you don't see it but see other nameplates move your camera angle a bit to the left and it will eventually pop up. If you still have issues you can use this macro, "/targetexact Auctioneer Jaxon". To access the auction house just right click on the nameplate and the auction house box will open.

Here is some more screenshots of this spot in action,
Using the mail box,
Auction House Gold Guide

Viewing the nameplate through the wall,
Auction House Gold Guide

Using the auction house,
Auction House Gold Guide

Hope this helps all of you Alliance players, remember work smarter not harder =]. Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Postal Mail Mod - Opening Mail Easier

It's all about working smarter not harder right? Once you get to the point where you have hundreds of auctions it can get a bit tedious opening all that mail. You have better things to do than sit there and click each letter one by one.

There is a great mod called Postal which allows you to open up all of your mail at once! It also puts an auto-complete field in with a list of all of your bank alts that it has a record of you logging in with. Ever open up all your mail, grab all your money, then go "how much gold did I just pull out?," no biggie it has a rake feature that will show you the total amount of gold you received out of your mailbox.

You can download postal here (

PRO TIP - Reducing mailbox openspeed
Ever notice that once you reach 50 messages that you have have to wait for the next batched to be delivered? There is a way we can decrease the amount of time it attempts to pull more messages within postal. What we will need to do is edit an lua file within postal.

Go to your world of warcraft folder (usually in program files) -> Interface -> Addons -> Postal -> postal.lua (open with notepad)

Now look for the line -> OpenSpeed = 0.50,
It should be the 11th line down. Change the 0.50 to 0.10. This is recommended for connections with very low latency. If you have higher latency you can try testing it with 0.20 or 0.30.

If you don't want to use a mail addon you can use this macro to pull all items out of the mail. "/script CheckInbox() for m = GetInboxNumItems(), 1, -1 do TakeInboxItem( m ) end"

If you're still stubborn the only other way to speed up mailbox load times is by doing /reload but I would only recommend doing this if you have a powerful computer.

Hope this helps streamline your auction house profiting!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using emblems for gold

If you are like me my main has all the gear he needs and my alts are used for professions not raiding. I always do the LFD daily then usually my friends will want me to run some dungeons with them as well. What to do with all these extra emblems from LFD? How about we use those emblems to make some money! For some this may be common sense but I was surprised when talking to other players who don't use their emblems to make extra gold.

You can use 15 emblems of triumph to purchase a crusader orb, 20 emblems of heroism for a raw epic gem, or 23 emblems of frost for a primordial saronite. So every couple of weeks I can get a primordial saronite, that's an extra 850 to 1200g every two weeks. You can easily get 15 emblems of triumph in a day with little effort and buy a crusader orb or a gem that you can cut. That's an extra 150 to 200g you will make on top of what you will be making with the LFD tool!

When I came back to WoW I had 5g total on my account. I used this method plus some auction house flips to build up my initial capital in the first week. This allowed me to start stocking up on items that I could sell or craft later.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Update 5-18

Well it looks like the epic gem market crashed on my server finally, I've read about it happening on so many realms and I had been thanking my lucky stars that it hadn't happened on mine. Although I've seen gem markets re-emerge this last week on several realms so hopefully this will just be a minor bump in the road. I'm making about 5 to 10g per cut compared to the 20 to 80g I had been making.

I still can't make enough netherweave bags to keep up with demand. Selling bags for 15 to 20g each and they all sell within an hour of posting.

The prices of eternal fires plummeted this week on my server, from 26g to 9g, so I invested 6k in eternal fires to sell later once the market comes back up. I should be able to double my money when that happens.

There has been hardly any epic gear to flip on the auction house this week. I've found about two deals on 200 lvl epics and that is about it.

I made about 6k on jewelcrafting this last week and most days I have only logged in for about an hour. Made 1.5k off tailoring and I made 2k off flipping crusader orbs.

After making deep investments I have 20k gold liquid and 15k invested in stockpiles.

I am working on leveling herbalism on my death knight, which I forgot how long it takes, once I have that leveled I am going to start working on inscription and alchemy. I think I can really make a killing in alchemy because there just doesn't seem to be that many alchemists on my server. Hopefully I can own that market too!

You stay classy World of Warcraft!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Farmers Should Be Your Best Friend

Making friends with farmers is a huge key in your success to making a profit in WoW. There is nothing better than having someone do work for you. Finding someone who can get you raw materials for less than auction house prices can make you some serious gold.

So how do you find these farmers? Easy. Trade channel or the auction house. Any time you see someone selling bulk materials in trade channel for a cheap price buy what they have then tell them to C.O.D. any future stock to you for what ever price you are seeking. A guaranteed sale will make anyone perk up for the right price. If farmers don't have to deal with the auction house and the fees associated with it they will be more than happy to sell to you directly.

You can also do some research on the auction house for players posting bulk materials. Send them a whisper and see if they would be willing to sell directly to you in the future. You'd be surprised how many say yes.

By making friends with farmers you create a large advantage for your self compared to your competition. When undercutting wars take place you will be able to win the battles that your competitors just can't win. They won't be able to make a profit all while you are still raking it in.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How I make a ton of gold with Jewelcrafting

If you are looking for an easy profession to make a lot of gold with then look to Jewelcrafting. The only difficult part is obtaining JC plans which can take some time. Now you can go a couple routes here, turn in broken necklaces for jeweler's tokens, do the JC daily each day which rewards you one token per day, or buying titanium powder x10 per token. The powder route can be very expensive since powder usually costs around 30g each.

Now you can choose which direction you want to go with rare or epic cuts, even both if you want. I deal exclusively in epic cuts now.

Here is a list of epic cuts that I currently sell:
Bold Cardinal Ruby
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Fractured Cardinal Ruby

Brilliant Kin's Amber
Rigid King's Amber

Purified Dreadstone

So in 4 weeks I've been able to acquire 6 JC plans and I'll keep on building that up with purchases known to be hot sellers on my realm.

I've been averaging 2 to 4k gold per day with jewelcrafting alone. Days that I only have a few minutes to login and post auctions I still make 800 to 1000g. It's as easy as checking the auction house for raw gems that sell for around 100g, for example, then cutting them into epics and posting them back for 120 to 200g. You will notice that gems will sell quickly from 8pm to 1am server time due to everyone getting new gear upgrades.

Last thing, remember to diversify your JC cuts. You don't want to have all red or blue cuts when starting out because you may run out of a supply of raw gems or the prices of raw gems could get to high where you can't make a profit. If you diversify you can increase the amount of gold you make per day from having access to various gem markets.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farming Rhino Meat and Chilled Meat

Farming Spot: Borean Tundra, just north of Warsong Hold.
Map Link Here

The npcs you will be wanting to farm are,
Wooly Rhino Bull
Wooly Rhino Calf
Wooly Rhino Matriarch

What makes this spot so nice is the mobs move in packs so it makes it really easy to group up and aoe down.

Farming these mobs will give you chilled meat and rhino meat that you can sell on the auction house. Typically stacks of these sell anywhere from 30g to 70g a stack depending on the realm. If you're a cook you can cook these into Hearty Rhino which a stack sells for 80 to 110 gold. You should be able to pull in about 5 to 6 stacks of meat in about 30 minutes.

Add in other loot, trash/greens/blues, you should be able to make an extra 150 to 200g in an hour. If you're a skinner you can really boost your gold per hour. (I'm not a skinner so I don't have the numbers on it) I highly recommend doing this on a death knight or prot/ret paladin.

This method can pull in anywhere from 600 to 900 gold per hour depending on drops and current realm prices. Could be even higher if you are a cook or skinner.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How much gold should I be making per day?

This is a question I have discussed with many players here of late. A bit of a misconception is that there is some magical number that you should be earning every day. The real question is, how many gold streams do you have? The more opportunities you have to make gold is the key to what kind of money you should be pulling in.

If you are making 1k a day that is great! Don't feel down like you should be making more money. It's all about growing if your looking at amassing a fortune. Getting back to more opportunities it is critical to have as many professions to make money. So let's do some numbers here, I make 2k to 4k gold per day just on jewelcrafting, 400g tailoring, and 1k off enchanting. So on average let's low ball it and say I make 3.4k gold per day. Flipping auction house items can be profitable one day and not the next so I'm not including those numbers even though some weeks I've made thousands.

I am limited by my current professions. That's why I am leveling up blacksmithing and inscription on my death knight. I might level another DK to 66 or 70 just as a gatherer. In doing so I can greatly increase my income.

So just think, if you put the work in and level all main professions you really open up some opportunities for yourself. Let's do some math, let's say you make 2k a day off 5 professions that's 10k a day, 70k a week. See how this adds up?

So I'm 4 weeks in to my gold making journey and have obtained 15k gold liquid and I have invested in a stockpile around 10k after starting out with 5g. Plus I've been busy with real life so I haven't had a lot of time either. Not bad considering I made most of it off jewelcrafting and flipping items on the auction house. I was still in the process of leveling tailoring and enchanting the last couple weeks.

Now go! Level some professions and make some bling!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farming Blood Furnace or Ramparts

I know what your thinking...more farming? Look, I actually enjoy farming from time to time. I load up pandora or my mp3 list and I go to town. Again this just another way to keep gold coming in while you're waiting for LFD que, auctions to sell, etc.

Blood Furnace and Hellfire Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula are great places to farm but I highly recommend having a ret/prot paladin or Death Knight for farming these instances. One run should take you about 13 minutes or 10 minutes if you get really good at all the pulls in either dungeon. So according to the math you can get in about 5 runs in an hour. I perfer running on my ret paladin because the dps is nice and he can take a lot of damage.

You can expect to make 350 to 400 plus gold an hour. Sell everything to vendor excluding greens that sell for less than 5g, you can D/E them and sell the mats for more on the auction house.

Another great reason why I do this is to farm netherweave cloth for tailoring. These instances can give me 4 to 5 stacks of netherweave cloth a run. That will come out to 500 cloth an hour or 25 netherweave bags. At the minimum price on my realm bags sell for 15g a piece so that is another 375g! Potentially you could make 775 gold per hour!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Make Money with LFD

Although this may not be the quickest way to make gold it isn't the worst either. I have been trying to gear out my priest and I have been running chain heroics with some friends in the evenings. I've been able to make 300 to 600g an evening off LFD rewards, instance trash, & selling D/E mats for running a few instances a night.

If you run, say on a weekend, all 13 instances you will make a total of 324g 36s off LFD rewards. You will easily make over 1000g after you add in vendoring trash, loot, and selling D/E mats. If you have a group to chain with you can get through all the instances in about 5 hours play time.

Plus, if you're lucky, you might win some frozen orbs. Save your frozen orbs to trade in for crusader orbs in Dalaran. You need six frozen orbs to trade for a crusader orb (if crusader orbs sell for more).

I find this as another source of income after I have posted all of my auctions on my characters.

Get gear & get paid!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flipping Crusader Orbs

Crusader Orbs have huge price fluctuations, especially on the weekends. I check prices about three times a day and even in that time period they fluctuate quite a bit. For example, on my realm they can drop all the way down to 75 gold but jump back up to 160g the next day.

It takes some patience but waiting for prices to drop to those levels can bring in some big profits. I dropped 2k a little over a week ago on crusader orbs when the prices dropped to 85 gold. I was able to sell them all back for 120 to 140g. That is a pretty nice profit.

Sure it took me a few days to sell them back but the time it took is nothing compared to the gold I made. This is just one example of how an item can fluctuate greatly in price. Check out your auction house and look for other items like crusader orbs that have these kind of changes in prices. I currently do the same with eternal fire and life. Yesterday I invested 3k in eternal fires that had a high supply on the auction house. I will be making 10 to 12 gold of each eternal when prices go back up.

Happy Flipping!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gold Update

Here's an update of how my gold making went over the weekend.

Flipped 20 crusader orbs I bought for cheap about a week ago - 800g profit
Netherweave bags x 30 - 450g profit (I spent about 45mins farming the cloth)
Had enough emblems to get a primordial saronite - 850g
Epic gems - 1100g
Flipped two primordial saronite - 180g
Eternal fire 90g profit
Total Profits = 3470g since Friday night

Not bad for only logging in for about 30 minutes Friday & Saturday, I didn't log in on Sunday with family stuff going on.

I did invest in 120 eternal fires for 14g each. (1680g investment) I'll hold on to these till prices rebound back to 23-26g.

Hope this gives you an idea of how I am making money. I am a bit limited right now with my professions but hopefully soon I will have that solved with my death knight that I am leveling.

Continued list of vanity pets

I was at the winery all day for mother's day and didn't have time to get back on the computer. But as promised here is a list of vanity pets from alliance vendors, plus neutral vendors.

Alliance only Pets
Four types of Cats - Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest
White Kitten - Lil Timmy, Stormwind
Snowshoe rabbit - Yarlyn Amberstill, Dun Morogh
Great Horned Owl - Shylenai, Darnassus
Hawk Owl - Shylenai, Darnassus
3 types of moths - Sixx, The Exodar

Neutral Auction House
2 types of frogs - Flik, Darkmoon Faire
Alcona Chicken - Magus Tirth, Thousand Needles
Siamese Cat - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Brown rabbit - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Cockroach - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Crimson Snake - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Mana Wyrmling - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm
Red Moth - Dealer Rashaad, Stormspire, Netherstorm

Go through the auction house and see which pets are already posted to get a feel for what they sell for on your server. If there isn't any listed post them for a high price, you would be surprised that they still sell.

Edit: Removed two that were BoP.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Selling vendor pets on the AH

Another easy profit stream is selling vanity pets on the auction house. You would be surprised how many players are lazy and we be gladly buy pets off the auction house for markup. On your faction's auction house you can sell many vendor pets for 10 to 40g each. That's easy money for little time invested.

Selling your faction's pets on the neutral auction house is where you can make big profits. I've Benny able to sell pets for 100 to 200g.

Horde pets,
Snakes in orgrimmar
Hatchlings in eversong woods
Praire dog in thinderbluff
Cockroach in undercity

Since I play horde and I'm posting from my iPhone I'll add the list of alliance pets and locations later today.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Using the Snatch Auction Tool

Today I am going to show you how to use a great tool that is built within the Auctioneer addon (available at curse gaming). The Snatch tab should be at the bottom of you Auction House Window. The Snatch tool allows you to put together a list of common items you are looking to flip or use for crafting.

For example, I have mine look for crusader orbs, frozen orbs, eternal fires, epic uncut gems, etc. If the snatch tool finds any of these items at the price threshold you have specified it will bring up a popup box notifying you of the item and whether or not you would like to purchase it.

1) Drag the item you want to add (Where it says "Drop Item Into Box") or shift click an item to insert into box.
2) Click Add
3) Check Mark Allow Bids & Buyouts
4) Enter a maximum price if needed
5) Run an AH Scan
6) Go back to snatch tab and search the scan
7) Profit!

The key is the more you automate your auction house work the more gold you will rake in. It's all about working easier not harder.

Note: If you don't have an item in stock to drop into the snatch box go to the main Auction House Tab, Right Click on the magnify glass icon at the top of the screen. This will open up the auctioneer tabs in a separate dialog box from the auction house. This way you can search for an item them shift click that item to add it to the snatch list.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some updates

Even though I haven't played much this week I have been able to pull in around 6k. Was able to flip an epic cloak last night that I bought for 400g and resold it for 1400. Other than that the epic gem market has been tough this week with heavy competition. the last couple nights I have got into some undercutting fights but I have come out on top due to having a large supply built up. I was able to win the fights and stay above my profit thresholds.

I'm stocking up on eternal fire and life as prices have dropped down around 10 to 11 gold. Should be able to sell these later for 22 to 25 gold.

Finally netherweave bags have picked up in demand, I quit selling them for the last few days because there was no demand and way too much supply. I was only able to flip two 200 item level epics this week which was odd compared to the last three weeks where I was flipping 2 to 3 a day.

Delicate Cardinal Ruby has been my hottest seller, I've been selling these cuts for 170 to 180g!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beating the Joneses

Why is everyone else around you failing to make a profit while you rake it in? Patience? Because so few people have the patience and discipline to wait for price fluctuations that could have been easily avoided or predicted. These individuals are impatient, they can't wait a day or two to get money they desperately need to socket/enchant/w/e for their new shiny piece of armor. So they fail at gold making and they are always broke.

I can look to a friend of mine who always borrows gold from me for this example. While he always pays me back he never has no more than 200 to 300 gold on him at any given time. He is in this vicious cycle of making money and then immediately blowing it. So is the case with most of the players that play on your server. May be a gross generalization on my part but I've seen it well too often.

While these players are throwing up goods for losses we are the ones scanning the auction house for their good deals. We have the patience and discipline to watch market prices and wait to sell our stock.

How many times have you heard "our server's economy sucks" ? These are the same players who fail at gold making. They think the economy sucks because they don't know or don't want to spend the time researching how to make gold in WoW. The bottom line is ANYONE can make large amounts of gold on ANY realm. The principles of supply and demand work on all realms.

There is no get rich quick scheme in wow besides obvious scams. It all takes time and work. But think of this, if you start now you could earn a gold pile going into Cataclysm. You will be able to buy what ever you want and control markets with your insane amount of investments in stock. Now that will be fun ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jewelcrafting Shuffle

The jewelcrafting shuffle is a great and easy way to make money if your server has good prices on green (uncommon) wotlk gems.

How does it work? The idea is you are wanting to craft uncommon jewelry items such as,
Bloodstone Band - Bloodstone x1, Crystallized Earth x2
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet - Chalcedony x1, Crystallized Earth x2
Crystal Citrine Necklace - Huge Citrine x1, Crystallized Earth x2
Sun Rock Ring - Sun Crystal x1, Crystallized Earth x2

You will be crafting these for about 1g 14s on average less than the cost of selling to vendor.

Now before you get any more impatient run to the auction house and scan for any of these uncommon gems. You must buy these for under 1g each or 20g per stack. If you find gems for these prices then look for eternal earth stacks that sell for 100g or less.

For example the other day I bought these stacks of bloodstone,
Jewelcrafting shuffle

I have had exceptional days where I have bought stacks of gems for 10 to 15g and stacks of eternal earths for 50g! On these days when supply was big I have been able to pull in 1300g in about hour. If you buy out the entire supply on the auction house start asking in trade channel. I already had a big day on the auction house but I asked in trade channel that I was buying stacks of gems for 20g. A player on their bank alt messaged me and sold me over 500 gems!

Prices fluctuate a lot on my server but every couple weeks I have a huge day and I just yell woot! when I see these kind of prices =]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MMO-Champion leak

Apparently there has been an accidental leak from Boubouille or someone from his team with a picture of Deathwing.

Here is a link to the screenshot,

Also here is a link to the IRC chat log where the leak occured.

code test NM4K3AHW5VXZ

Maxing out Professions

If you want to make gold at a fast rate in WoW then you need to make sure you have every opportunity available to you. Right now I have two 80s that have Enchanting/Jewelcrafting/Tailoring which isn't bad but it's not great. You see the issue is at times the economy of one profession can tank. This is when you lose your mind and start cussing at the screen because you just can't make much money.

This is why it is critical to have has many professions as possible. The more professions you have means the more opportunities you will have to make gold. If you're not making any money in say jewelcrafting then who cares because inscription is bringing home the bacon!

I highly recommend leveling a death knight if you don't have one already if you are wanting to get two more professions. If you have the badges or shards to obtain the leveling boosting heirloom items get them. It will be much quicker leveling a DK since you start out at 55. I am in the process of doing this myself and I am currently sitting at level 72. I am not buying ANY gear for my DK while I level. I am saving all gold obtained from leveling to put towards mats for leveling professions. The gear from quests and the weapon from Amphitheater of Anguish will be sufficient for leveling.

You should easily be sitting between 3.5 to 5k gold on your Death Knight by the time you hit 80. As long as the money didn't burn a hole in your pocket and you had to upgrade his gear every level. This should be plenty of coin to buy mats for leveling two professions.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Confirmed, Cataclysm Beta has begun!

Cataclysm Beta Soon?

Looks like the Cataclysm beta is on!

This link has the box logo for game selection management within,

Here is a character copy function for the beta,

Screenshot of Blizzard Downloader for Beta client

Using Trade Channel for great deals

You should always be using trade channel not only to sell items but to also look for low prices on items. For example, this morning I logged in real quick to check my auctions where someone was selling 12 Cardinal Ruby for 100g each. I quickly bought these up because I know over the next week I can cut these into epic cuts and make a profit of 30 to 80g per gem. Even at the lowest profit margin that is still 360g!

There is so many players that are broke just looking for quick gold that they will unload their inventories at way under auction house prices. I've found many good deals on items that I've been able to flip. Even if someone says, "WTS EPIC ITEM PST W/ OFFER" what is it going to hurt to ask? Give them a low number and negotiate, you will be surprised what price you can get then immediately flip it on the AH.

Flipping items around the 1000k or up price range can be killer if you have a small profit margin while using the Auction House. You want to try using trade channel when you can to avoid auction house cuts. Nothing worse than seeing a 50 to 100g AH cut off your sale.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Daily / Farming Combo

Some sites will tell you not to waste your time farming or doing dailies, but I don't believe that. I think that at some point, if you have the free time, you will run out of supplies to craft items and items to flip on the AH. When you reach this point you are going to say, what's next?

The best daily/farming combo in the game is in the Storm Peaks, sons of hodir dailies. These dailies make you around 120 to 140g depending on trash drops. Not bad since you can knock them out in about 20 to 25 minutes. Now before I even begin to do dailies I hop on my bank alt and I check the auction house. I am looking on the auction house to see which trade mats are selling for more, eternal fire or air. Which ever one is selling for more is the one I am going to farm after I run my dailies.

Once you complete your dailies there is three locations that have high drop rates for either crystalized fire or air. Here are the locations,

1) Snow Drift Plains 24,48. Place is swarming with Stormriders who drop crystallized air. They have a very good drop rate and there is rarely ever anyone in this area. So you shouldn't have to worry about much pvp or competition. In 40 minutes I can pull 10-12 eternals out of this area.

2) Fjorn's anvil, 76,62. Mobs are called Seething Revenants. Drop crystalized fire, relic of ulduar, greens, and a lot of vendor trash. In an hour I can pull around 8-9 eternal fires & 50 to 60 Relics. Downside is a lot of people farm here so ther etends to be competition and pvp.

3) FrostFloe Deep, 62,41. A cave that is filled with mobs called wailing winds. This is my favorite spot. NO ONE farms this on my server. Only horde know about it because there is a quest giver in the cave. Other than that there is never any competition for me in this cave. The mobs have a super fast respawn rate and have what seems like double the drop rate for crystallized fires than Fjorn's anvil. I can farm this for an hour and easily get 12-15 eternal fires.

Now on my server fire and air fluctuate a lot but usually one or the other is selling for 19-25g. Let's say you pull just 10 eternals and sell them for a modest 20g you will make 200g plus 50 to 100g selling to vendor the trash drops. In an hour and a half you could end up with 400 to 450 gold. You can see how this can add up if you do this every day during your free time. This is best gold per hour daily/farming combo in the game since they are so close together.
(I have screen shots I will post later, tired and need to sleep...)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to come & daily update

Things to come
I've been working on more content for the site to make available to everyone. I am currently working on profession levling guides, auction house guides, using addons, and detailed articles on gold making strategies. I will also have a youtube channel setup soon. I plan on working on videos this week.

Hopefully I will be able to call myself the John Chow of WoW one day if I can get up to 1 million gold ;) and help everyone else get there too.

Gold Making Update
Logged on today for about 20 minutes just to check auctions and run some scans. It's such a nice day out figured I might at well enjoy it instead of sitting in front of the computer. Sold a few epic gems & crusader orbs, that put me at around 500g profit from everything I posted last night. I forced the market prices up on crusader orbs by buying all of them and reposting just a few at around 180g. Prices on orbs had dropped to around 90 to 100g for not much reason at all from my understanding. Supplies have been limited but remain at these prices, I guess people on the server are assuming they won't sell for higher? I had to go into some undercutting fights but was able to sell most of them between 140g to 180g.

Being a Saturday I would have thought most prices on the auction house would have went up like they normally do but today wasn't the case. Most popular gems are over supplied and there isn't much room for profit. I could take a risk buying them now and selling them later but the margin is fairly thin so I just think I will wait till tomorrow and see if prices rebound.

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