Friday, May 21, 2010

Alliance - Use the Auction House and Mailbox from the same spot

This is a great tip for Alliance players who are wanting to play the auction house. It gets annoying running back and forth from the auction house to your mail box. Plus that's time you're wasting that could be spent increasing your gold per hour! There is a spot in Stormwind where you can stand and use both the mailbox and the auction house!

Here's how it works, go to Stormwind and get to the front of the auction house. You want to walk up the steps but don't go inside, walk to the left and stand on the edge of the ledge between the mailbox and the wall of the auction house.

Here is a screenshot of where to stand,
Auction House Gold Guide

Now what you want to do is press control + V together so you can view player & NPC nameplates. You should now see a green nameplate of Auctioneer Jaxon. If you don't see it but see other nameplates move your camera angle a bit to the left and it will eventually pop up. If you still have issues you can use this macro, "/targetexact Auctioneer Jaxon". To access the auction house just right click on the nameplate and the auction house box will open.

Here is some more screenshots of this spot in action,
Using the mail box,
Auction House Gold Guide

Viewing the nameplate through the wall,
Auction House Gold Guide

Using the auction house,
Auction House Gold Guide

Hope this helps all of you Alliance players, remember work smarter not harder =]. Thanks for checking in!


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This is awesome!

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