Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beating the Joneses

Why is everyone else around you failing to make a profit while you rake it in? Patience? Because so few people have the patience and discipline to wait for price fluctuations that could have been easily avoided or predicted. These individuals are impatient, they can't wait a day or two to get money they desperately need to socket/enchant/w/e for their new shiny piece of armor. So they fail at gold making and they are always broke.

I can look to a friend of mine who always borrows gold from me for this example. While he always pays me back he never has no more than 200 to 300 gold on him at any given time. He is in this vicious cycle of making money and then immediately blowing it. So is the case with most of the players that play on your server. May be a gross generalization on my part but I've seen it well too often.

While these players are throwing up goods for losses we are the ones scanning the auction house for their good deals. We have the patience and discipline to watch market prices and wait to sell our stock.

How many times have you heard "our server's economy sucks" ? These are the same players who fail at gold making. They think the economy sucks because they don't know or don't want to spend the time researching how to make gold in WoW. The bottom line is ANYONE can make large amounts of gold on ANY realm. The principles of supply and demand work on all realms.

There is no get rich quick scheme in wow besides obvious scams. It all takes time and work. But think of this, if you start now you could earn a gold pile going into Cataclysm. You will be able to buy what ever you want and control markets with your insane amount of investments in stock. Now that will be fun ;)


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