Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Daily / Farming Combo

Some sites will tell you not to waste your time farming or doing dailies, but I don't believe that. I think that at some point, if you have the free time, you will run out of supplies to craft items and items to flip on the AH. When you reach this point you are going to say, what's next?

The best daily/farming combo in the game is in the Storm Peaks, sons of hodir dailies. These dailies make you around 120 to 140g depending on trash drops. Not bad since you can knock them out in about 20 to 25 minutes. Now before I even begin to do dailies I hop on my bank alt and I check the auction house. I am looking on the auction house to see which trade mats are selling for more, eternal fire or air. Which ever one is selling for more is the one I am going to farm after I run my dailies.

Once you complete your dailies there is three locations that have high drop rates for either crystalized fire or air. Here are the locations,

1) Snow Drift Plains 24,48. Place is swarming with Stormriders who drop crystallized air. They have a very good drop rate and there is rarely ever anyone in this area. So you shouldn't have to worry about much pvp or competition. In 40 minutes I can pull 10-12 eternals out of this area.

2) Fjorn's anvil, 76,62. Mobs are called Seething Revenants. Drop crystalized fire, relic of ulduar, greens, and a lot of vendor trash. In an hour I can pull around 8-9 eternal fires & 50 to 60 Relics. Downside is a lot of people farm here so ther etends to be competition and pvp.

3) FrostFloe Deep, 62,41. A cave that is filled with mobs called wailing winds. This is my favorite spot. NO ONE farms this on my server. Only horde know about it because there is a quest giver in the cave. Other than that there is never any competition for me in this cave. The mobs have a super fast respawn rate and have what seems like double the drop rate for crystallized fires than Fjorn's anvil. I can farm this for an hour and easily get 12-15 eternal fires.

Now on my server fire and air fluctuate a lot but usually one or the other is selling for 19-25g. Let's say you pull just 10 eternals and sell them for a modest 20g you will make 200g plus 50 to 100g selling to vendor the trash drops. In an hour and a half you could end up with 400 to 450 gold. You can see how this can add up if you do this every day during your free time. This is best gold per hour daily/farming combo in the game since they are so close together.
(I have screen shots I will post later, tired and need to sleep...)


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