Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farming Blood Furnace or Ramparts

I know what your thinking...more farming? Look, I actually enjoy farming from time to time. I load up pandora or my mp3 list and I go to town. Again this just another way to keep gold coming in while you're waiting for LFD que, auctions to sell, etc.

Blood Furnace and Hellfire Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula are great places to farm but I highly recommend having a ret/prot paladin or Death Knight for farming these instances. One run should take you about 13 minutes or 10 minutes if you get really good at all the pulls in either dungeon. So according to the math you can get in about 5 runs in an hour. I perfer running on my ret paladin because the dps is nice and he can take a lot of damage.

You can expect to make 350 to 400 plus gold an hour. Sell everything to vendor excluding greens that sell for less than 5g, you can D/E them and sell the mats for more on the auction house.

Another great reason why I do this is to farm netherweave cloth for tailoring. These instances can give me 4 to 5 stacks of netherweave cloth a run. That will come out to 500 cloth an hour or 25 netherweave bags. At the minimum price on my realm bags sell for 15g a piece so that is another 375g! Potentially you could make 775 gold per hour!


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