Monday, May 24, 2010

Farming Netherweave Cloth

I've found a great area where you can farm hundreds of netherweave cloth in an hour plus it is a great area to aoe farm.

The location is at the entrance to Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. There is large groups of demon hunter trainers on the south side that are easy to group up and aoe down.

Map Link Here

Video of location and mobs,

You can follow a path where you start by clearing out the south side of outer Black Temple then move to the north side. By the time you are finished with the North side all of the npcs will respawn on the south side. In an hour I have been able to farm 640 netherweave cloth and make 150 to 200g vendoring trash and greens.

This is the exact method I use to keep my supply up for crafting netherweave bags.


wowaoegr said...

Here is another interesting and fast way to farm Netherweave and Runecloth, farming Hellfire Citadel Ramparts:

Anonymous said...

Ramparts is no good, 25 netherweave TOPS per run, whereas u get that many per PULL in SMV. I imagine that Shattered Halls may be good for farming NW, but SMV they die so fast u can't go wrong (as a side note, ANY humanoid mob in SMV is worth killing, they ALL drop netherweave)

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