Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farming Rhino Meat and Chilled Meat

Farming Spot: Borean Tundra, just north of Warsong Hold.
Map Link Here

The npcs you will be wanting to farm are,
Wooly Rhino Bull
Wooly Rhino Calf
Wooly Rhino Matriarch

What makes this spot so nice is the mobs move in packs so it makes it really easy to group up and aoe down.

Farming these mobs will give you chilled meat and rhino meat that you can sell on the auction house. Typically stacks of these sell anywhere from 30g to 70g a stack depending on the realm. If you're a cook you can cook these into Hearty Rhino which a stack sells for 80 to 110 gold. You should be able to pull in about 5 to 6 stacks of meat in about 30 minutes.

Add in other loot, trash/greens/blues, you should be able to make an extra 150 to 200g in an hour. If you're a skinner you can really boost your gold per hour. (I'm not a skinner so I don't have the numbers on it) I highly recommend doing this on a death knight or prot/ret paladin.

This method can pull in anywhere from 600 to 900 gold per hour depending on drops and current realm prices. Could be even higher if you are a cook or skinner.

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Anonymous said...

Did this as a Resto Druid with an Arcane Mage. We'd aggro a metric ton of them and aoe them down, with me healing. Was putting up about 200k XP an hour non-rested as level 70's. And yeah, the rhino meat sold really well (this being a money blog and all). Just be careful of Lunchbox and the lord of the rhino's. That guy really slows down the grind. A random pally came out and saw us doing it. Thought he wanted in on it, but no, just wanted to skin our trail of kills. He must have made a ton of cash just by cleaning up. But, as a result they spawned faster and we made even more xp/money. Good times!

NakedJay said...

Wow 200k xp an hour is really good considering you would normally make about 150k an hour questing and you weren't rested. Thanks for the tip on looking out for lunchbox, I had for got about that elite npc.

When I first tried this I had wished I was a skinner because I could have really booted my gold per hour. I may try to do this again on a new character with skinning.

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