Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flipping Crusader Orbs

Crusader Orbs have huge price fluctuations, especially on the weekends. I check prices about three times a day and even in that time period they fluctuate quite a bit. For example, on my realm they can drop all the way down to 75 gold but jump back up to 160g the next day.

It takes some patience but waiting for prices to drop to those levels can bring in some big profits. I dropped 2k a little over a week ago on crusader orbs when the prices dropped to 85 gold. I was able to sell them all back for 120 to 140g. That is a pretty nice profit.

Sure it took me a few days to sell them back but the time it took is nothing compared to the gold I made. This is just one example of how an item can fluctuate greatly in price. Check out your auction house and look for other items like crusader orbs that have these kind of changes in prices. I currently do the same with eternal fire and life. Yesterday I invested 3k in eternal fires that had a high supply on the auction house. I will be making 10 to 12 gold of each eternal when prices go back up.

Happy Flipping!


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