Monday, May 10, 2010

Gold Update

Here's an update of how my gold making went over the weekend.

Flipped 20 crusader orbs I bought for cheap about a week ago - 800g profit
Netherweave bags x 30 - 450g profit (I spent about 45mins farming the cloth)
Had enough emblems to get a primordial saronite - 850g
Epic gems - 1100g
Flipped two primordial saronite - 180g
Eternal fire 90g profit
Total Profits = 3470g since Friday night

Not bad for only logging in for about 30 minutes Friday & Saturday, I didn't log in on Sunday with family stuff going on.

I did invest in 120 eternal fires for 14g each. (1680g investment) I'll hold on to these till prices rebound back to 23-26g.

Hope this gives you an idea of how I am making money. I am a bit limited right now with my professions but hopefully soon I will have that solved with my death knight that I am leveling.


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