Sunday, May 16, 2010

How I make a ton of gold with Jewelcrafting

If you are looking for an easy profession to make a lot of gold with then look to Jewelcrafting. The only difficult part is obtaining JC plans which can take some time. Now you can go a couple routes here, turn in broken necklaces for jeweler's tokens, do the JC daily each day which rewards you one token per day, or buying titanium powder x10 per token. The powder route can be very expensive since powder usually costs around 30g each.

Now you can choose which direction you want to go with rare or epic cuts, even both if you want. I deal exclusively in epic cuts now.

Here is a list of epic cuts that I currently sell:
Bold Cardinal Ruby
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Fractured Cardinal Ruby

Brilliant Kin's Amber
Rigid King's Amber

Purified Dreadstone

So in 4 weeks I've been able to acquire 6 JC plans and I'll keep on building that up with purchases known to be hot sellers on my realm.

I've been averaging 2 to 4k gold per day with jewelcrafting alone. Days that I only have a few minutes to login and post auctions I still make 800 to 1000g. It's as easy as checking the auction house for raw gems that sell for around 100g, for example, then cutting them into epics and posting them back for 120 to 200g. You will notice that gems will sell quickly from 8pm to 1am server time due to everyone getting new gear upgrades.

Last thing, remember to diversify your JC cuts. You don't want to have all red or blue cuts when starting out because you may run out of a supply of raw gems or the prices of raw gems could get to high where you can't make a profit. If you diversify you can increase the amount of gold you make per day from having access to various gem markets.


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