Friday, May 14, 2010

How much gold should I be making per day?

This is a question I have discussed with many players here of late. A bit of a misconception is that there is some magical number that you should be earning every day. The real question is, how many gold streams do you have? The more opportunities you have to make gold is the key to what kind of money you should be pulling in.

If you are making 1k a day that is great! Don't feel down like you should be making more money. It's all about growing if your looking at amassing a fortune. Getting back to more opportunities it is critical to have as many professions to make money. So let's do some numbers here, I make 2k to 4k gold per day just on jewelcrafting, 400g tailoring, and 1k off enchanting. So on average let's low ball it and say I make 3.4k gold per day. Flipping auction house items can be profitable one day and not the next so I'm not including those numbers even though some weeks I've made thousands.

I am limited by my current professions. That's why I am leveling up blacksmithing and inscription on my death knight. I might level another DK to 66 or 70 just as a gatherer. In doing so I can greatly increase my income.

So just think, if you put the work in and level all main professions you really open up some opportunities for yourself. Let's do some math, let's say you make 2k a day off 5 professions that's 10k a day, 70k a week. See how this adds up?

So I'm 4 weeks in to my gold making journey and have obtained 15k gold liquid and I have invested in a stockpile around 10k after starting out with 5g. Plus I've been busy with real life so I haven't had a lot of time either. Not bad considering I made most of it off jewelcrafting and flipping items on the auction house. I was still in the process of leveling tailoring and enchanting the last couple weeks.

Now go! Level some professions and make some bling!


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