Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Gold off Investments

Now this is something I do with my close friends in WoW. They give me gold or stock items that I can use to craft items and sell. They are making an investment into my WoW business. I split all profits with them on their investment because they are gaining access to my professions.

Think of it this way, I'm going to assume most of your friends only have one 80 and maybe that 80 has one profession maxed out. They are very limited at making gold and may not want to invest the time to level more characters or professions. You can give them the option of investing in your business and allow them to get a return on their investment.

This is another great way to make money. Some of my friends approached me and said "hey, I've got a bank full of all these items can I give them to you and have you craft X item? I'll split the profits with you." I thought this is great! So now my friends send me their mats or gold to return a profit for them. Granted this does take a lot more management keeping track of all your sales, which I recommend a separate bank alt just for this, but if you have time this can be another great revenue stream!

So ask your friends if they want to make gold I bet some of them would be takers.

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Anonymous said...

I also do this, but I like to trade professions

NakedJay said...

@ Mr Stoneskin

I would love to do this but most of my friends suck at leveling professions.

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