Thursday, May 27, 2010

Managing your Empire

You're probably thinking, what empire? Is it striking back? Well possibly depending on the market, but I'm talking about the economic empire you are currently building or have already built. Here's a few tips I am going to share that will help manage your WoW business better.

1. Make level 1 Bank Alts, I have 3 Bankers that I use for each profession.
2. Create your own guild and buyout the bank tabs, put all your characters there, except the mains you raid with of course.
3. Get the Postal Mail Addon - See my post from 5/20, makes opening mail a cinch!
4. Get Going Price Addon - searches wowhead for going prices on items (I use this for epics I am looking to flip but have no data on)
5. Get FuBar with MoneyFu Addon - This will keep track of all your gold across all characters and show your profits.
6. Create Macros for posting in trade channel for example, "WTB stacks Raw Epic Gems, 85g each"
7. Keybind your Disenchant and Prospect abilities

(I'm going to assume you already know what auctioneer is and if your not using it then go immediately right now and download it!)
These addons are freely available from

I hope these tips will help you work smarter not harder. I have one bank alt that does nothing but auction house flipping and I send anything from my 80s that I get from raiding/questing to it as well. You can create up to 10 characters per realm so you can easily have a bank alt for each crafting profession, unless you have more than 5 80s. Having all that storage space is critical when you are building up stock and especially now when you should be stocking up for cataclysm. Last tip, if your inventory and bank is filled on a character you can always send the items anyway and let them sit in the mail box for extra storage then retrieve later.

You need four characters at minimum of level 66 to reach 450 skill in non gathering professions. Death Knights are easy to level to 66, you can do it in a day or two, then use them for the other professions you are wanting to level.

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