Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing for Cataclysm

There is going to be a very large demand for some many existing items when Cata releases and we can begin stock piling these items now. So step back and think for a moment of what is going to be needed. New characters will be leveling goblins and worgens so we need to think about what these new characters will need.

First off bags will be needed, I currently have about half a bank full netherweave bags and a few frostweave bags. I plan on having an entire guild bank full of bags come Cata launch.

Glyphs is going to be the largest money maker come expansion, there will be a huge demand with all the new characters. I am going to have inscription maxed out this week and will work on obtaining glyph masterys. I want to have a very large stock pile going into Cata.

With jewelcrafting I am going to forget about epic gems. I believe that most players will ignore epic gems since they will only have new gear for short periods of time while leveling. I believe the money will be made in rare and uncommon gem cuts. With prices declining in raw gems these should be easy to stock pile.

BoA enchants are going to be a big seller as well. Here are the ones I plan on stock piling, Boots - Minor Speed, Chest - major health, Chest major mana, weapon crusader, weapon - fiery, & Chest - greater stats. Weapon - Spell Power & Healing Power are very difficult to get but do work on BoA.

If you are a blacksmith, of course focus on belt buckles.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to get your Timbermaw Hold rep up to get the Agility to weapon enchants. Easy to get (just takes time). Only took my Paladin a few hours to grind the rep needed.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon
Thanks for the tip. There is two more rep ones you can obtain, Argent Dawn Bracers - healing power, & Thorium Brotherhood Weapon - Mighty Strength & Weapon - Mighty Intellect.

I do plan on grinding out the rep for the timbermaw for the two agility to wep enchants.

Anonymous said...

About those defense greens... have we forgotten that defense as a stat will no longer exist, and all tanks will be able to be uncrittable through talents?

They've mentioned they are doing a massive redo of stats on leveling stuff - I'd be cautious about investing in greens till we see better beta data.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon
Thank you so much! That's what I get for skipping through the upcoming changes and just looking at professions, which is what I only cared about. I have edited the post to remove that section.

The good news is that the greens I have saved will sell for 80+ each right now so yay me =]

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