Friday, May 7, 2010

Some updates

Even though I haven't played much this week I have been able to pull in around 6k. Was able to flip an epic cloak last night that I bought for 400g and resold it for 1400. Other than that the epic gem market has been tough this week with heavy competition. the last couple nights I have got into some undercutting fights but I have come out on top due to having a large supply built up. I was able to win the fights and stay above my profit thresholds.

I'm stocking up on eternal fire and life as prices have dropped down around 10 to 11 gold. Should be able to sell these later for 22 to 25 gold.

Finally netherweave bags have picked up in demand, I quit selling them for the last few days because there was no demand and way too much supply. I was only able to flip two 200 item level epics this week which was odd compared to the last three weeks where I was flipping 2 to 3 a day.

Delicate Cardinal Ruby has been my hottest seller, I've been selling these cuts for 170 to 180g!


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