Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to come & daily update

Things to come
I've been working on more content for the site to make available to everyone. I am currently working on profession levling guides, auction house guides, using addons, and detailed articles on gold making strategies. I will also have a youtube channel setup soon. I plan on working on videos this week.

Hopefully I will be able to call myself the John Chow of WoW one day if I can get up to 1 million gold ;) and help everyone else get there too.

Gold Making Update
Logged on today for about 20 minutes just to check auctions and run some scans. It's such a nice day out figured I might at well enjoy it instead of sitting in front of the computer. Sold a few epic gems & crusader orbs, that put me at around 500g profit from everything I posted last night. I forced the market prices up on crusader orbs by buying all of them and reposting just a few at around 180g. Prices on orbs had dropped to around 90 to 100g for not much reason at all from my understanding. Supplies have been limited but remain at these prices, I guess people on the server are assuming they won't sell for higher? I had to go into some undercutting fights but was able to sell most of them between 140g to 180g.

Being a Saturday I would have thought most prices on the auction house would have went up like they normally do but today wasn't the case. Most popular gems are over supplied and there isn't much room for profit. I could take a risk buying them now and selling them later but the margin is fairly thin so I just think I will wait till tomorrow and see if prices rebound.


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