Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using emblems for gold

If you are like me my main has all the gear he needs and my alts are used for professions not raiding. I always do the LFD daily then usually my friends will want me to run some dungeons with them as well. What to do with all these extra emblems from LFD? How about we use those emblems to make some money! For some this may be common sense but I was surprised when talking to other players who don't use their emblems to make extra gold.

You can use 15 emblems of triumph to purchase a crusader orb, 20 emblems of heroism for a raw epic gem, or 23 emblems of frost for a primordial saronite. So every couple of weeks I can get a primordial saronite, that's an extra 850 to 1200g every two weeks. You can easily get 15 emblems of triumph in a day with little effort and buy a crusader orb or a gem that you can cut. That's an extra 150 to 200g you will make on top of what you will be making with the LFD tool!

When I came back to WoW I had 5g total on my account. I used this method plus some auction house flips to build up my initial capital in the first week. This allowed me to start stocking up on items that I could sell or craft later.


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