Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Update 5-18

Well it looks like the epic gem market crashed on my server finally, I've read about it happening on so many realms and I had been thanking my lucky stars that it hadn't happened on mine. Although I've seen gem markets re-emerge this last week on several realms so hopefully this will just be a minor bump in the road. I'm making about 5 to 10g per cut compared to the 20 to 80g I had been making.

I still can't make enough netherweave bags to keep up with demand. Selling bags for 15 to 20g each and they all sell within an hour of posting.

The prices of eternal fires plummeted this week on my server, from 26g to 9g, so I invested 6k in eternal fires to sell later once the market comes back up. I should be able to double my money when that happens.

There has been hardly any epic gear to flip on the auction house this week. I've found about two deals on 200 lvl epics and that is about it.

I made about 6k on jewelcrafting this last week and most days I have only logged in for about an hour. Made 1.5k off tailoring and I made 2k off flipping crusader orbs.

After making deep investments I have 20k gold liquid and 15k invested in stockpiles.

I am working on leveling herbalism on my death knight, which I forgot how long it takes, once I have that leveled I am going to start working on inscription and alchemy. I think I can really make a killing in alchemy because there just doesn't seem to be that many alchemists on my server. Hopefully I can own that market too!

You stay classy World of Warcraft!


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