Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Update 5-25

So far this week has been up and down with markets crashing then slightly reviving. I saw the epic gem market crash and return back to normal this last weekend. It was fascinating seeing the undercutting wars I was getting into.

My DK is sitting at 73 still and I have been leveling herbalism on him. I've only got it up to 230 level but I should be able to cap it this week. I forgot how much of a pain it is to level herbalism.

With jewelcrafting I was able to make 7k, then I invested another 3800 gold in raw gems through a farmer I know at 90g per. This allows me to make a minimum profit, at current prices, of 50g per cut to an upwards of 100g.

Tailoring I made 1200 gold but I didn't have much time to focus on tailoring this week.

Flipping items on the auction house 2k, glyphs I normally flip just flat out didn't sell, demand must have really plummeted. I was able to flip about 20 crusader orbs pretty quickly during the week and the rest of my profits are in selling my stock piles of eternals.

The numbers,
Vanity Pets = 600g
Jewelcrafting = 7,000g
Tailoring = 1,200g
AH Flipping = 2,000g
Total Profits = 10,800g
Total Investments/stock = 12,000 gold (estimated)

I really need to get my other professions leveled and start utilizing my enchanter. I am taking next week off for vacation, which means I'm going to sit at home, and do nothing but level professions. It will take some big investments but I am hoping I can get Herbalism, Inscription, Alchemy, and Enchanting all completed. Then I can finally break loose on some really nice weekly profits.

After not playing arena for 6 months I found out just how rusty I am. My arena partners came back as well and we found out that are old team setups just don't work anymore. Ret/Hunter used to be very fun and competitive but it is no longer a viable comp like it once was. We could easily take that comp up to 1800 but now it was a complete struggle. Apparently being in full furious, 3 wrathful offsets, and a relentless axe are no where near enough. It really felt like everyone was putting out way more damage than I could. So I think I am going to have to either buy a weapon from a raiding guild or try getting into some ICC raids. I'm not much of a raider these days as I just don't have time for it.

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