Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bidding Wars

This is a little technique that does require a little luck. Occasionally I will post an item for cheap with no buyout. Now I will do this when there is a very limited supply of said item. Now this requires camping the auction house with an alt toon, when fellow auctioneers do their scans they will bid on these low cost items because they are going to see a 50% difference in value with current prices in their auctioneer scan.

Once they bid on the item I will continue bidding with my alt toon, they almost ALWAYS keep bidding against me almost immediately. They will continue clicking the bid button and before they know it they have will have the item's bid up really high where it will be profitable for me! I don't do this often but if you want to have some fun this is really entertaining.

Thanks for checking in!


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