Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Competing For Stock Piles

There has been heavy competition lately on my realm with 4 players attempting to pull off big sales next week with Ruby Sanctum in the epic gem market. I figured I was dealing with some clowns on my realm and was expecting them to just keep cutting their lower supplies come next week. See I know these guys don't carry huge stock piles because I can undercut them all day and win. They don't have the stock to keep undercutting me, they have to continually cancel their existing auctions and repost.

So competition on raw gems has been brutal since they are actually trying to build up a large stock. They have been posting heavily in trade asking to buy cheap gems which has limited the supply available to me. Of course I have one major advantage, I can log in around 8am and buy up all the cheap gems that were posted over night. If you are able to login when you wake up in the morning, before work or school, do it. There is so much posted over night and the demand for gems in the overnight hours is low.

Now I have received nasty whispers from my competition because I will blatantly pay more for gems in my trade chat postings than they are. They will post ridiculous payout prices for gems, like 65g for a Cardinal Ruby. I will easily post 70 to 85g because I still know I am going to make huge profit per gem. So you might be thinking, well they can beat you in the undercutting war if they can buy gems that cheap but here's the thing, they can't. If I am winning the supply war they will not be able to meet the incoming demand of Ruby Sanctum which in turns makes me the eventual winner since I will be able to meet that demand.

It's all about quantity when it comes down to next week. I will be able to make much more gold just because of the large stock pile I am selling off. I am very excited to see Ruby Sanctum launch, markets are going to be interesting for sure!

If you are curious about the weekly update, I will be making that post tomorrow so stay tuned =]

Thanks for checking in!


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