Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farming Stratholme as an Enchanter

I've been running Stratholme a lot for Baron's mount but I also have been making some pretty good gold while I'm at it too. Running it for an hour you can easily make 250 to 300 gold just off drops, that doesn't even add in disenchanting greens and blues.

The blues and greens in this instance disenchant into [Large Brillant Shard], [Greater Eternal Essence], and [Illusion Dust]. Here are the prices on my realm, shards 7g, essences 25g, and dust 3g. So a stack of dust goes for 60g! These enchanting mats are critical for leveling enchanting and twink enchants, that's why prices are still very solid on these old world mats.

You can easily make 500 to 600 gold per hour in Stratholme all while trying to get a mount too!

I'll let you in on another little secret on these enchanting mats, do a search on the auction house for weapons that can be used between level 51-55. You are looking for uncommon greens that sell for under 10g. Buy all of these up because they have a higher chance to disenchant into [Greater Eternal Essence]. For example, just this morning I purchased a few green weapons that sold for 5 to 6g. They disenchanted into 6 [Greater Eternal Essence]! That's a 130g profit after what I spent!

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worker said...

Thanks for making me see this Jay! Even though i've already read it once!:D

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