Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going on Vacation

I'll be on vacation this week but I will still have posts scheduled each morning. If you leave me comments it may take a while to reply back since I will be on a beach and all =D

Demand in all markets just blew up this last week. I've sold all of my eternal fires which was originally over 600 in stock, sold 100 netherweave bags, 30 frostweave bags, and sold off my 20k I had invested in raw epic gems. I am really tapped now. My existing stockpile is what I was holding back for cataclysm. I am going to have to work extra hard when I come back from vacation to rebuild those supplies.

Last night I got accused of being a bot on the auction house. When I proved I wasn't with my competitor I struck up a friendly conversation with him. He complained to me about a couple other competitors which I agreed were annoying. It seems like they are online 24/7 and are constantly camping the auction house. How do you kill that which has no life? I usually just undercut the hell out of them to piss them off. Screw em. When this happens for example last night, I had certain gems selling for 180 to 200g but I was constantly undercut for 1 copper by this other competitor. I got agressive and started posting my gems for 110 gold just to frustrate them. I wasn't going to sell any gems with all the undercutting but this way I will be making plenty of profit since I can get the gems so cheap and force my competition out of the market. This auction house camper wouldn't even dare to undercut me after I did this. I felt very satisfied to say the least after knowing I won the battle. Bottom line, don't take shit from these auction house campers.

Thanks for checking in!


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