Monday, June 14, 2010

Herbalism Finally Leveled

I was finally able to put the time in to get herbalism leveled, real life has been busy as of late, but I wanted to make a comment about the leveling guides I used.

Since Tarou's website is so popular I figured I would give his herbalism leveling guide a shot. I'd have to say that his herbalism guide was bad and left me frustrated at the amount of time it was taking. Now I'm not here to bash Tarou but I do hope that he makes adjustments to his herbalism guide.

What I noticed was he informs you to leave zones way to early and enter zones where there is only 1 plant that you can gather. This forces you to run around for hours hoping this one plant will spawn. For what should be able to be leveled in a day or two takes much longer with his guide. Normally you should be able to enter a new zone and gather 2 to 4 plants which greatly increases your leveling speed.

I ended up switching to's guide on herbalism which was much better. It is much more accurate at informing you how long you need to stay in a zone. Their guide isn't perfect but it won't leave you frustrated like Tarou's guide.

Now it's time to power level Alchemy and Inscription!

Thanks for checking in!


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