Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Have All This Gold...Now What?

So you have amassed a fortune, let's say at least 100k. What was the point of making all that gold if you are not going to enjoy it? It's just like real money, you can't take it with you to the grave.

My plan is to spend a good deal of my money when cataclysm comes out on such items as vanity items, mounts, and gear. But let's look at the biggest area you should be spending your gold on, epic gear upgrades either from BoE drops or crafting. With all the craze of gear score you need to have the highest gear score you can get just to have any chance of joining a raiding guild or PuG raid.

Gear score can be a great tool when used correctly, such as determining what content a player has seen quickly and also creating a higher opportunity of bigger DPS and HPS. We all know gear does not equal skill but that doesn't stop elitism where raid leaders are only looking for ridiculous gear scores for easy content.

With that being said my plan is to immediately buy or craft all the epic gear that is easily available when Cataclysm launches so I can have a high gear score and not have much worry when it comes to gear score requirements. Gear Score is here to stay so I might as well try my best to use the system to my advantage.

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