Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resetting Markets

Once you have built up enough capital you can start to reset lagging markets. This is another style of flipping but allows you to drive up prices.

For example, you notice prices of crusader orbs have dropped and there is 10 orbs sitting at 80 to 90 gold. The technique you need to apply is to buy up all of the orbs and repost them for around 130 to 150 gold. You then will make around a 30 to 60 gold profit off each orb.

I did this with eternal life last week where they dropped all the way down to 10 gold. I bought the 15 that were on the auction house and reposted them for 29 gold each. They all sold within three hours.

I've found the best time to do this is during the morning. There isn't going to be a lot of competition so you won't be as likely to get undercut.

I also like doing this when I want to resell my own stock especially when it comes to eternals. Allows me to sell off my stock quickly and make a nice profit.

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