Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Update 6-1

Well here is my total numbers after today,

25,582 gold liquid
20,000 gold worth invested stock
45,582 Total Assets

I am hoping to pull my total assets up to 100k by the time Ruby Sanctum comes out. I really do believe that this bump in demand from Ruby Sanctum is what will help me reach the gold cap.

This weeks results,
Jewelcrafting - 4,500 gold (It's been a down week)
Tailoring - 600 gold (I've been focusing on stocking up for Cata)
Vanity Pets - 500 gold (Obsidian Hatchling has been a hot seller!)
AH Flipping - 4,500 gold (flipped two epics and sold eternals from stock)
Total Profits - 10,100 gold

I had to invest heavily in epic raw gems to compete since most gem markets have crashed. I am only making 10 to 15 gold profits now off each gem.

On vacation this week and working hard on leveling remaining professions.

Thanks for checking in!


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