Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekly Update 6-15

Well I have made some deep investments this last week. I have gone from 30k liquid gold to 10k. I made heavy investments in epic raw gems, netherweave and frostweave bags, eternal fire, and herbs. I also loaned 4k to my arena partner so he could get shadow's edge, which I will make interest off of. I am trying to stock up on gems for Ruby Sanctum.

I played for 3 nights this week and here were my profits,
Auction House Flipping - 7k (Flipped two epics, several orbs, eternals)
Jewelcrafting - 6k
Vanity Pets - 500g (Didn't invest time to restock)
Tailoring - 600g (I didn't sell many bags since I am stock piling for Cata)

I think I am going to make another bank alt tonight, I am just running out of space with all the stock piling. I was able to power level alchemy last night to 300 fairly easy and I am going to power level inscription by the end of this week as well. My enchanting is maxed but I have been buying dream shards this week so I can obtain all the enchanting plans.

I think by next week I will be cranking out glyphs, flasks, and enchants! I am very excited to see how much gold I will be earning with 4 crafting professions and herbalism.

Thanks for checking in!


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