Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Update 6-23

I've been super busy this week with work and my girlfriend does tend to keep me busy here of late. =D So that being said I really only posted auctions for jewelcrafting and vanity pets. I did not post anything for tailoring, alchemy, or enchanting.

Here's the numbers,
Jewelcrafting 4800g
Vanity Pets 600g (Sold my remaining stock, need to replenish)
Auction House Flipping 1400g

Total Profits 6800g

Total Liquid 20k
Total Invested 20k
Total Loaned to Guild 4.5k
Total Assets 44.5k

Not bad considering I only played 3 nights this last week. I invested 8k this week on epic uncut gems trying to build up my stockpile for Ruby Sanctum. I am actually glad that it did not launch yesterday so I have even more time to build my stockpile.

I am going to really dive into enchanting markets this weekend so that should be interesting and I am thinking of going transmute spec for some guaranteed easy gold on my alchemist.

I was getting irritated last night with the servers not coming up till late last night. My realm was the very last realm to be brought online, and I am not exaggerating. Not that I couldn't find something else to do but I have limited time to play the auction house so that was valuable gold not coming in.

My guild ran Naxx 10 last night for the weekly but we also did a full clear for shards. We were also going for the undying title and cleared all the bosses except the military quarter. Just our luck, the Razuvious fight bugged...one of the adds you mind control disappeared at the beginning of the fight. Literally *POOF*, so needless to say the offtank could not handle 38k hits and died. We didn't wipe because we burned him so fast. I was so frustrated but oh well it's just a title.

Thanks for checking in!


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