Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Update 6-29

Coming off one of my best weeks yet I am a bit displeased because I am going on vacation tomorrow and will likely miss out on the Ruby Sanctum madness. Yes, displeasure because I will be sitting on a beach drinking adult beverages and enjoying my time in the sun. I know you feel my pain right? =D

So lets get right to it, here are the numbers!

Jewelcrafting 14,000g
Tailoring 1,600g
Enchanting 2,000g
Pets 300g (My stock is gone and I was lazy...didn't restock. Bad Jay! =p )
Auction House flipping 8,800g
Total Sales = 26,700g

Total Liquid = 38,600g
Total Invested = 12,000g
Total Assets = 50,600g

I'm not sure what was happening but everything was selling so quickly over the last 5 days it was just pure madness. I was reposting gems every 30 mins, I think players are getting their gems now so they were ready for new gear for Ruby Sanctum. There has been so much spam in the trade with people looking for JCs I easily made a couple hundred gold just making cuts for people.

Here's another staggering number...I sold over 400 eternal fires over the weekend. I am still baffled at this weird demand for fires. Normally I would sell 20 to 60 over an entire weekend not 400... My entire stock of fires are gone. I purchased all these fires weeks ago for 9 to 15 gold each. Dirt cheap prices indeed! The lowest I sold any eternal was 21g but the majority sold for 28 to 33g!!

I didn't have time last night to setup quick auctions and sell the nearly 300 glyphs I made. I was running arena all night, 3v3 and 5v5, my eyes hurt so bad by the end of the night 0.o

I just entered enchanting markets and had some success. It's very new to me but it's also helping that I am getting a lot of enchanting mats from running chain heroics. I really didn't mess with alchemy for whatever reason, guess I was too entertained with all my gem sales.

I am currently leveling a lock that will be a skinner and miner. Be some nice profits while leveling plus the mining is going to come in real handy later.

Thanks for checking in!


Jarlhen said...

Man, it's just beyond me how you can make this kind of money. Far beyond me. I got an alchemist/jeweler and leveling up a tailor/enchanter. Unfortunately I got BS/miner and inscriber/herbalist on another server but I don't play them. But I can't seem to make any money at all. I play on the Arygos server and prices there are so stable it's like going to a shop, not an auction house. Eternal fires never go beneath 28g and never more than 33g. All the various orbs, herbs, ores etc. they stay at the same prices pretty much constantly. There's the occasional exception but these exceptions are like 1-2 items here and there.

I'm working on getting some JC going and getting my paws on cheap mats for that and alchemy. Not at all easy but with some hard work I pick up little pieces here and there at good prices, but not even close to what you're doing.

It's a really great blog and I read it with immense interest. Sort of pushing me to take bigger leaps and trying out new stuff. Keep up the awesome work.

NakedJay said...

@ Jarlhen
With prices being that stable it can be very hard to perform an auction house flip. Just be patient with your scans eventually you will catch them at a lower price. There has to be some markets on your realm that have some heavy competition. Those are the best ones to look for deals where you can buy low and sell high. Eventually there will be times where demand will drop and competition will undercut each other heavily. That is the perfect time to buy up all the stock and wait for demand to spike again.

Jewelcrafting is where the serious gold is! It does take a while to get all the plans but once you have some of the most popular cuts you will start raking in the gold. I really don't even mess with rares or metas anymore, I only focus on epic gem markets.

Thanks for the support! I hope I can find some time to push out some better guides and methods out soon.

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