Monday, June 21, 2010

What I Sell

This will be a working post as I will continue to update it. I will keep a link to this post on the main page at all times. Continue to look for updates as I am currently entering Inscription and Enchanting markets.

Here is a list of everything I currently sell.

Solid Majestic Zircon
Stormy Majestic Zircon

Deadly Ametrine
Luminous Ametrine

Mysterious Dreadstone
Purified Dreadstone

Bold Cardinal Ruby
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Fractured Cardinal Ruby
Runed Cardinal Ruby
Bold Scarlet Ruby

Brilliant King's Amber
Rigid King's Amber
Quick King's Amber
Smooth King's Amber

Bracing Earthsiege Diamond
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond

Enchant Boots - Greater Assault
Enchant Boots - Minor Speed
Enchant Boots - Icewalker
Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality

Enchant Bracers - Major Stamina
Enchant Bracers - Superior Spellpower

Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed

Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
Enchant Chest - Super Stats

Enchant Gloves - Crusher
Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower

Enchant Shield - Greater Intellect
Enchant Staff - Greater Spellpower
Enchant Staff - Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Berserking
Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spellpower
Enchant 2H Weapon - Massacre
Enchant 2H Weapon - Greater Savagery

Netherweave Bag
Frostweave Bag

Flask of Endless Rage
Flask of Pure Mojo
Flask of Stoneblood
Flask of Frost Wyrm
Transmute: Skyflare Diamond
Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond

Every Glyph Available
Iron-Bound Tome
Faces of Doom

Vendor Pets
Albino Snake
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
Brown Rabbit Crate
Calico Cat
Cat Carrier (Siamese)
Mana Wyrmling
Parrot Cage (Senegal)
Obsidian Hatchling
Red Moth Egg

Crystallized Fire
Eternal Fire
Eternal Life
Crusader Orb
Primordial Saronite

Updated 8/9/2010


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! - Jester

NakedJay said...

@ Jest, You're Welcome. Hope the vanity pet list helps.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to update you!

Pets have been selling okay, moving pretty slow at the moment but I might be asking too much.

I did start picking up cooking recipes in Booty Bay, and just throwing them up for 10g a piece, and I've actually sold quite a bit of them.


NakedJay said...

@ Jest
Great to hear! I am working on putting together a list of limited supply items that resell very well on the auction house. Maybe that could be another area you could profit from.

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