Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why it's Critical to have a Stockpile

I felt that it was only honorable to talk about stockpiles since the master himself, stockpile, has called it quits on his blog.

Looking towards ruby sanctum I have invested heavily in a jewelcrafting stockpile. I've built up a stock worth around 20k so I should be able to own the markets once ruby sanctum is released. I was concerned that my competition was trying to build a stockpile but I believe they have been cutting and posting their gems as soon as they get them. They are still posting 4 to 5 gems up of each cut at a time. I think I will be the only JC that will be able to meet this incoming demand.

As far as Cataclysm is concerned I have 140 netherweave bags but only 24 frostweave bags. I am going to start focusing on my frostweave bag stockpile this next week. I really want to go in with over 200 netherweave bags because I think thats where the largest demand will be.

When building a stockpile it is critical to make friends with farmers and get the lowest prices possible for your stock. This will allow you to own your competition by making deep undercuts and driving them out of the market.

A stock pile can NEVER be big enough. You never want to run out of supply.

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Cameron Smith said...

I would only stockpile Bolts of Netherweave as they take up less space than the created bags. I have a 3769 bolts ready to make the bags. I've also got a heap of the cloth to resell too.

NakedJay said...

@ Cameron
You make a good point. I did last night start stock piling the bolts instead of making the bags. I do like having a stock pile of bags as well, when you need to compete against undercutters you need easy access to a stockpile so you don't have to constantly cancel your auctions.

Anonymous said...

As a new guy to the AH this week, I haven't been able to build a stockpile up. I tend to buy and move everything I sell to try to build up some funding to eventually stockpile. At the moment I've been buying all the netherweave and frostweave I can get my hands on, which isn't much on my server. How did you find farmers and develop a business relationship with them? That's my next plan of attack, as my low population server seems like it would be easy to control once I'm in with the farmers.


NakedJay said...

@ Jest,
Anytime you buy bulk from someone in trade channel ask them if they would COD those items to you at which ever price you negotiate.

The next best method is look on the auction house and see who is posting high quantities of materials you need. I either message or send mail to these players and discuss with them about COD'ing me all of their materials.

When a farmer knows he has a guaranteed sale he will almost always work with you. They are there to make money too and if they are still getting a profit they will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Right on man, that's what I was thinking about doing next. Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice you gave me so far. Today I hit my one week mark of playing the AH, and I ended with 7000g profit, along with another 2000-3000g in inventory and auctions still going. Right now I'm buying Netherweave whenever I see it for a decent price and creating a stockpile. I plan on doing the same with Frostweave as well.


NakedJay said...

@ Jest,
That's great to hear! I have had an easy time stocking up on netherweave cloth but frostweave just seems hard to come by on my realm. I'm assuming there is great demand for it so I may have to go on some farming trips in icecrown and build up a stock.

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