Friday, July 9, 2010

Auction House Flipping - All The Areas I Cover

In todays post I will be staying out of the Markco vs Gevlon spat and will be talking about some other areas you may not have thought about when it comes to auction house flipping. The tips I am offering up today are excellent tips for players that want to jump right into the auction house markets and may not have professions available to make gold.

Flipping eternal fire and life is probably the the biggest area of flipping that I currently do. These markets continually get flooded from time to time and when this occurs I can create large stock piles to sell later. For example, eternal fires normally sell for 20 to 35g each depending on market fluctuation but there are times when the market is flooded with fires and prices plummet to 9 to 15 gold each! I will wait for markets to reemerge and resell them all at a handsome profit. Another great method I use is breaking the eternals down into crystals and sell them each for 3 to 3.5 gold. On my realm there is very low competition for crystals so it's easy gold.

You will need a few auction house scans built up so you have some data to work with on this method. Once you have some price histories built you can begin flipping enchants. There is many twink enchants out there that can be bought for 100 to 200g and resold for 400 to 700 gold! Also be on the look out for the enchant healing power to weapon, it's +29 SP, this is an enchanting plan that drops in Molten Core. PuGs looking for achievements usually don't know the value of this enchant and will sell it for nothing! This is a very rare twink enchant that can be worth over 1000g.

Epic Gems
There is so much fluctuation in epic gem markets that if you are patient you can make some serious gold. If you look at my What I Sell list you can view the most demanding gems to work on flipping. You can do this for cut or uncut gems. There can easily be a gem market that can plummet in an evening, especially mid day before raids. For example, Fractured Cardinal Rubies on average sell for 130 to 170 gold but there are times when demand drops and prices will drop as well. I have seen prices dip all the way to 100g which make for a very good profit margin on a flip. Buy up these gems and wait till the next evening where prices will recover quickly and repost these gems up for 20 to 50g profits!

When it comes to glyphs you really have to know what you are doing. Auctioneer data can be really skewed when it comes to glyphs because there is such heavy competition and undercutting wars can really break loose. I suggest that you only flip glyphs that are in higher demand. I wanted to at least write about this aspect of flipping but I no longer flip glyphs on my auction house toon. I have in the past but it was probably my most unpleasant part of the auction house.

Epic Gear
I've made a few posts on flipping epic gear in the past and it is a great money maker if you can find the deals. Lately I've found that BoE ICC gear has been a target market for me. I think I am finding soo many deals because players get impatient with getting the gold. I have been able to buy these epics for 1.5 to 2k, some off minimum bids, and resell them for 4 to 5k!

What areas do you flip? I would love to hear what other players are doing.

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Jarlhen said...

Still having big difficulties doing any AH flipping. Prices are just to solid on my server. However I've got a nifty little trick I've been trying the last couple of days. I'm sure you know about it but I can't recall you mentioning it.

But it's the saronite shuffle. Buy saronite for 10-12g (whatever is reasonable on your server) en masse. Prospect it. Make the gems into low level greens. Disenchant. Sell. I've found loads of gems at 1g or less a piece. And I can normally convince people to sell me eternal earths for 1g a piece as well. So that's 1g 20s in mats per ring/necklace.

Infinite dust goes for over 2g a piece on my server and each time you disenchant you get 2,5 infinite dust. To put it simply. I recently spent 108g on mats. The disenchanted products are up on the AH right now for over 600g in total. And as we all know, that stuff sells. Of course you can't overdo it, don't want to flood the market. But in theory, this might make me a few thousand.

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