Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blind for so Long

No Weekly Update Today, still on vacation.

Yup I was blind. Like the teenage couple that thought they were in true love. Oh how they found out how the real world works. Just crushing isn't it ;) I was blind too, on how to make gold and keep. I was always in this vicious cycle even since I started wow years ago where I would get a few hundred gold and blow it. Then I was always stuck not being able to enchant my gear or buy upgrades. Heck in several of the raiding guilds I was in it was a struggle just be able to pay my repair bills. I was embarrassed to borrow gold from guildies and friends just to pay my repair costs.

I feel foolish now and can only wish I was doing what I am doing now years ago. I would have millions of gold now if that was the case. In vanilla I always farmed to make gold, eventually you want to hang yourself after several days of that. When dailies finally came out I thought that was the way to make gold. I did as many dailies as possible each day and I was like "Cool!! I got a few hundred gold!" that I would instantly blow on whatever. It was frustrating to always be in that situation and I always thought there was some magic method that people were using to be rich in WoW. Isn't that what everyone thinks when they don't understand something? That there is some secret that you don't know of.

The gold making secrets...well are not secrets, but are right in front of you as soon as you create your level 1 character. Who would have thought that capitalism and real economics would ever come into play in a virtual world. That's how dumb I was years ago.

Over the years I NEVER had over 6k gold at any point of playing WoW before I went on this gold making journey. The times I had that much gold were to pay for epic flying. It was the only thing that I would actually save gold for because I didn't want to be left behind. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses right?

If you have had issues making gold in WoW like I had, just think about what I've been talking about the last couple months. Think about how supply and demand can work in your favor. Think about how things are sold in the real world and how those ideas can be applied in WoW. I've seen some very creative methods over the last year and I'm sure we will see even more when cataclysm comes out. So go make some gold, get rich, and bling out your character =]

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