Friday, July 16, 2010

The Exchange System

Here's some tips on making gold when you're raider/pvper and you need no more gear. I currently fall into that category on a couple of my characters where I can use my emblems and honor to make gold. I do love the fact that you can play the game all while making money and you really are not even thinking of that facet of the game while doing so. So ask yourself, what the hell am I doing with all these emblems and honor? If you have been hoarding them for later use you may find that you have had a hidden gold mine this whole time.

Using honor to buy gems is a very common practice for hardcore pvpers who have nothing else to use honor on. 10k honor will net you 1 gem, so typically one wintersgrasp where you complete all of your quests will give you enough honor for 2 gems. So 200g a week just off doing 1 wintersgrasp (If you are reselling the right gems; if you are a JC your cuts are going for much more).

I've been using emblems of triumph to buy crusader orbs in exchange for 15 emblems. These typically sell for 120g and it's so easy to get 30 emblems in a day. I normally buy two of these each day just by running some randoms with guildies. You can use 23 emblems of frost to buy one primordial saronite. Depending on your realm these can sell from 500 to 700g, that's some serious gold. If you are a raider you should have no problem buying two of these a week. It does make me sad that the price on these have plummeted, when I first did this method months ago I was getting 1300 per primordial!

You can also trade in frozen orbs to the Dalaran npc, Frozo the Renowned, who trades various eternals and orbs. You may be able to trade in for eternal fire or life and get a great deal selling them on the auction house if prices are right or just lowering the costs of craftable items to increase your profit margins. I like to trade in frozen orbs for runed orbs because I can normally make a 30g to 50g profit since it only costs 4 frozen orbs to trade in.

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