Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finding Work

You may have leveled all these professions to become an auction house master but there are other ways you can make gold with your professions. Using trade channel as an additional revenue source is great! You can use professions like jewelcrafting and enchanting to find work at the same time that you are working the auction house.

So many players over look trade chat postings for people looking for an enchanter or jewelcrafter. Either for a couple of reasons, they don't want the hassle of dealing with someone directly or they think they will get shafted on the tip.

While I'm posting my auctions I always make myself available for these trade posts. I will see people requesting over and over in chat common cuts or enchants without every getting someone to do it for them. That just shows how much my competition is not even working that corner of the market. Most players will tip 10g to 30g for a cut or enchant. Yes, occasionally you will encounter a player who doesn't tip or gives you 2 to 5 gold. When this happens I just keep my mouth shut and say thank you. It's still a few more gold that I didn't have and it's only taking a minute of my time if that. If they don't tip I write their name down on my blacklist so I don't waste my time.

In a given week I can make several hundred gold by doing this while doing all my auction house work at the same time. For example, this last weekend I made a few hundred gold just by helping people in trade chat. There was some serious demand for gem cuts all weekend and I was doing my best to help =]

Thanks for checking in!


Azz said...

I am thinking about leveling another DK, just for the professions and wanted to get your opinion on what professions to level. I currently have 4 level 80's with the following professions maxed out:
LW + Skinning
Alchemy + Herbalism
JC + Miner
Tailor + Enchanter

I have been considering inscription, if for nothing at all it provides me vellums for my enchanter. However, with the change coming in Cata, I am not sure Inscription is the answer. I also thought about another Alchemist for the xmute.


NakedJay said...

@ Azz
Right now inscription is a good money maker but you are correct that it may not be all that good come cata. I've read on forums that people are saying that it will be profitable but I'm not buying it just yet. I am working on getting into the beta so I can see how it's going to work. If you have the available slot for inscription you might as well get it for the time being and at least use it for vellums.

I would recommend going for the alchemist for another xmute, it's guaranteed money. I've talked to players that have two or three alchemists just for the xmute.

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