Monday, July 19, 2010

iLevel 264 Gear - Price Drop, Don't Be Fooled

Over the weekend I noticed a market crash on all iLevel 264 gear on the auction house. Normally these items were selling from 4k to 8k depending on the piece but now I am seeing prices have fell to 2k to 3.5k gold.

The great thing about this is you can get your gear score up very quickly with this cheap gear if you have a new character. The bad news is you can be stuck in a bad deal if you were planning on flipping these because your auctioneer data is now skewed. I would recommend not buying 264 epics to flip until the market stabilizes. Since we are on the tail end of the expansion I find it highly likely that these prices will not return. You also have the issue where the crafted 264 items are increasing in competition as more and more players enter the market.

Side Note:
I am really excited because I am very close to have 50k liquid gold. This is a big milestone for me considering I am a casual player and normally only have 3 nights a week to really play the game. I of course am worth more than 50k in total assets but it will feel great seeing the actual number. I would have had this accomplished already but I did spend gold building a retribution set and buying a epic belt of the lonely noble for my holy set. I got it for a steal! 1.5k buyout on the auction house, I couldn't resist.

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