Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Back

I got back from vacation around 4:30 this morning, 0.o, and the 14 hour drive was killer. But the week on the beach and coming back with a nice tan was good. Maybe next time I will fly, not sure if I can do that drive again. If you're wondering, I drove from St. Louis to Myrtle Beach.

Obviously there isn't a weekly update this week but I did log in earlier and checked my existing auctions I had posted when I left last week. Only pulled about 700g out of my mailbox and my remaining stock of gems and enchants. I notice that my epic gem auction house camper is still at work. I can tell this person has no life to speak of, they are online damn near 24/7. If they do have a life then I assume they are using a bot. Hopefully this is just a high school kid off for the summer so this may be temporary.

This player is constantly undercutting my gems within 5 minutes of me posting. It is getting really irritating so I may have to build a stock pile and start undercutting by 5 to 8 gold each time to force them out of the market. They are only undercutting by 1 copper. But I like a good challenge so it should be fun.

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem. My guess is they use qa3, which you can beat by matching their buyout price but having a lower bid price (making your auction appear before theirs on the search, but not registering your auction as being undercut so qa3 doesn't cancel / post for them). Worked like a charm for me, hope the suggestion helps.

NakedJay said...

@ Anon,
Thanks for the tip. I currently use qa3 for glyphs but haven't gotten around to setting it up for gems. You are probably right though, they gotta be using quick auctions.

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