Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inscription Tomes

If you are looking to boost your gold making in inscription I would recommend making epic off-hands along with your glyphs. The two tombs you can make are [Faces of Doom] & [Iron-bound Tome]. There is always a demand for these tomes because for new characters starting out it can be difficult to find epic off-hands prior to raiding.

The cost of making either one of these tomes is around 35 to 40g. It can be even lower if you find a good deal on a frozen orb. On my realm these sell for 250 to 270 gold. Wowhead data shows an average realm price of 215 to 250. Just making a couple of these per day can make you a 400g profit or 2800g a week! I never have an issue selling these tomes as they are always in demand.

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