Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Good to Have Business Relationships

You may have read my post the other day where I was complaining about the lake of supply on uncut epic gems which was due to the increased competition I've seen in jewelcrafting markets. Last night I was finally able to build my gem stockpile back up!

I keep everyone I buy bulk gems from on my friends list and I ask them to do the same. Letting them know that I will always buy their gems if they have some for sale and that they can C.O.D them to me if I am not online. Over the last 3 to 4 weeks I hadn't bought any gems off these usual sellers, for whichever reason. But last night the floodgates opened! All these players starting whispering me asking to sell large quantities of gems and I was more than happy to buy.

With a little social networking you can build yourself a nice supply chain. I always do my best to joke around and b.s. with these sellers in hope that they will remember me and put me on their friends list. You have to build a relationship with these players, if not they will just sell to the first person that whispers them or opens a trade window. I've learned from watching trade chat that players selling in bulk will sometimes just sell to the first person who opens a trade window even if they told you that they would sell to you. It's aggravating but now I do a /target [their name] and find them as quick as possible, then open a trade window. This guarantees me that I will get the buy.

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