Monday, July 26, 2010

Leveling Inscription

As I was quick to find out lately is that inscription is a major gold maker. As many of you may know leveling it can be a major pain. Lower level herbs are hard to find and are really expensive on the auction house. Some low level herbs run for 60 to 100 gold a stack!

Now I am all about maxing out the amount of gold making time I have available and going out farming these herbs are not top of my priority list. Now in Dalaran there is an NPC, Jessica Sellers, who allows you trade ink of the sea for various lower level inks. The problem low level scribes run into is they cannot mill northrend herbs so they are unable to get ink of the sea. But there is a solution, find a high level scribe to mill herbs for your. I was fortunate to have a guildie who was able to mill all of my northrend herbs since they are much cheaper on the auction house. I was then able to take all of the inks he milled for me and trade them into Jessica. With lightening speed I was able to power level inscription quicker than Lebron James jumping ship to Miami.

If you don't have a guildie or friend who is a scribe you can always ask in trade chat for a scribe. Offer to pay 50 to 100g for them to mill your herbs. Heck you would have paid that much just for one low level stack of herbs.

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