Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Tips

Short post today but here are a couple easy gold making tips.

Delicate Copper Wire: I hadn't even thought of making this till the other day my friend who is an engineer was needing some and asked me if I could make it. Jewelcrafters can make this at level 1 and it is needed for repair bot 74a by engineers. This bot has to be made first before you can make the Jeeves repair bot. This wire is literally an untapped market because no one even bothers to make this wire and post it on the auction house. If you can find good deals on stacks of copper then you can easily sell these wires for 4g to 10g each!

Elementium Ore: This is a great item to flip on the auction house, it is needed to craft the legendary Thunderfury which players still want either just to have or for their twink alts. These sell for anywhere from 300 to 500 gold! Most players who pick these up from a black wing lair achieve run have no idea how much these are worth and will sell them for 50 to 100g.

Thanks for checking in!


Relesmerp said...

Not sure about the second tip. Flip the Ore? The ore sells for 50 to 100g? or the thunderfury? This tip is for BS?

Relesmerp said...

Are you saying the Ore sells for 50 to 100g?

Relesmerp said...

feel free to remove my last two posts lol
i must have been tired.

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