Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Runecloth in Cataclysm

If the current reputation turn in system stays the same runecloth will be a very wanted item come expansion. Currently you can turn in runecloth over and over at any capital city to gain exalted reputation with that faction.

So I am planning on at least loading up an entire mule's bank just with runecloth. If a player turned in cloth from honored to exalted they will need around 220 stacks of runecloth. Right now prices for runecloth are sitting at 5 to 7 gold but if prices spike to meet this incoming demand then you could see possibly upwards of 20g a stack or more. Even if you had 220 stacks to sell at a high price of 20g that would turn into total sales of 4,400 gold.

If you are looking to farm runecloth I would recommend farming Stratholme or Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula. Either will pull around 300+ cloth an hour but I personally will be farming Stratholme because I'm an enchanter plus you make pretty good coin selling all the trash. Check out my post on farming Strat as an enchanter Here.

Now this could all change if blizzard decides to change the way reputation will work in Cataclysm. I have searched for blue posts on this topic but have found nothing so far. For now we can assume that the current system will stay the same and goblins & worgens will have cloth faction turn ins too. If this holds true then this will be a very lucrative market to make some serious gold.

Thanks for checking in!


Cold said...

Whoah! Just realized you live in St. Louis too!!!! Fudge man. Damn!!! A couple months ago River City Radio was looking for an idea/concept for a 2 hr weekly web radio post and they wanted it to be a gamer show! Too bad I didnt know you back then or we could 2 man a WoW web radio show! I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a similar slot.

NakedJay said...

@ Cold,
Ha, Yeah I noticed the other day you were from STL. That radio idea sounds pretty cool. Might be some other localized media options available. I'll keep my eyes open.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

that probably will just be a niche, since ppl can push their "home" factions on the Icecrown Tournament pretty easily. Plus rep increase stays the same even for low level quests, was introduced a while ago.
But nonetheless a nice idea, will dedicate a bank tab or two to it.


Anonymous said...

Goblin n worgen don't have rep.

Anonymous said...

bad news if your saving cloth for rep, tabards are out for everyone

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