Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running out of Supply

What to do when you run out of supply? This is a very important issue when it comes to gold making. There will be times where you will walk into some serious demand in certain markets. When this happens you may easily clear out 20 to 30k of inventory in the matter of a weekend and be completely tapped out. It's all good, you made some serious gold but how are you going to keep on having a revenue stream coming in from those markets?

Sometimes there will be no supply left on the auction house and spamming chat looking to buy in bulk can take some time to find a seller with a large quantity of mats. When this supply drops normally the amount of crafted items will be limited as well and prices will sky rocket. With a little speculation you can buy crafted items, for example a cut epic gem at 120g all while raw gems are selling for the same price. Eventually the cut gems will increase in price and you will be able to flip the crafted items for some descent profits.

I've done this quit a bit in jewelcrafting and enchanting markets. I've been able to buy up patterns that have very small profit margins if any at all, if I made them myself, and flip them later as demand spikes so will the prices. Some patience is involved but this way you can maximize your gold revenues while supplies are down.

Another point is there will be times where some materials will cost more than the rest of the materials you are currently making. When this occurs you can use the same method as above but just sell off your other materials. You can use that capital to invest in the items you are going to flip. I highly recommend that you have some experience in the markets you are wanting to work in and have an idea of how market fluctuations have been at least over a month's time. This experience will help you immensely when flipping crafted items.

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