Friday, July 23, 2010

Snatch Tool

If you want to make yourself into a powerhouse and own the markets I highly recommend using the snatch tool. The snatch tool is built into auctioneer and its main purpose is to find items you need at low prices. For example, I want to buy up all stacks of northrend herbs at the price of 15g or less. Using the snatch tool it will give me a list of herbs that have fallen below this price threshold. Then I can buy up all of the herbs and sell my glyphs or flasks with nice profit margins.

Buying up cheap materials allows you to control markets and take serious market share from your competitors. If you have a great profit margin you can keep undercutting your competition to the point where they can no longer make a profit all the while you will still have gold coming in.

Here are the steps,
1. Run a Fast Scan (Double Blue Arrow)
2. Click on Search Tab
3. Click on Snatch (Left Hand Menu)
4. Add an Item (If you don't have an item on you to add you can whisper your self the link then shift click the link)
5. You must enter the individual price of the item, not the stack, so for a stack of herbs you would enter 75 silver if you wanted stacks at 15 gold.
6. Hit Snatch
7. If any herbs show up for 75 silver or less snatch will list them for you to buy.
8. Purchase up your items and collect them out of your mailbox!

Now go snatch your way to riches!


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