Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starting from Scratch - Week 2

This is a weekly series where I detail my gold making adventures of my new alt warlock while I level to 80. It's a project that I am doing not only for myself but also for all of you to see how much gold can be made while leveling. I will receive no financial support from my other characters. The only support he has is three BoA items chest, shoulders, & staff. This will be a learning experience for me as well! Armory Link Here

Lock is at level 19 now and very close to 20. I tried out the random dungeon at low levels and it is amazing! I had 2 to 3 minute queues and was getting a level every 2 runs. I found another person looking for guild signatures so I earned another 5g from that.

Here is the breakdown of what I sold this week.
Copper ore 8.56g
Light Leather x2 2.37g
Green mail pants - 3.57g
Buckskin cape - 9.51g
tribal Pants - 4.76g
feral bindings of stamina - 3.81g
rough stone - 10s
small red pouch - 13s
guild sig - 5g
Shadow Gem - 5.91g
Shadow Wand - 14.26g
malachite - 97s
hunting tunic - 3.81g
hunter's muzzle loader - 1.91g
Delicate Copper wirex6 - 2.86g
copper barx20 - 13.31g
green tunic - 1.91g
green AP dagger - 3.81g
green cloth leggings - 3.81g
Tribal vest - 1.91g

Total Sales - 88.45g

So I'm up to 207 gold now and I haven't bought anything this last week besides talents. The downside to doing the randoms is I get less items to sell so I am going to return my focus to questing for the time being.

The only item I flipped was a stack of delicate copper wire that I bought for 10 silver and I have been selling for 3g each. I am not going to focus on flipping with this character but if I stubble across one while I'm on the auction house I am still going to pick it up.

Thanks for checking in!


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