Saturday, July 24, 2010

Starting from Scratch - Week 2

This is a weekly series where I detail my gold making adventures of my new alt warlock while I level to 80. It's a project that I am doing not only for myself but also for all of you to see how much gold can be made while leveling. I will receive no financial support from my other characters. The only support he has is three BoA items chest, shoulders, & staff. This will be a learning experience for me as well! Armory Link Here

Only reached level 20, so about a level and a half. I had very little time to level this character but I did spend some time getting his mining up so there was plenty of copper ore to sell.

Here is the breakdown of what I sold this week,
green 1 h mace - 11.41
green 2h axe - .97
Delicate Copper wire x5 - 3.81
ruined leather scraps - .10
linen clothx2 - 1.90
Pattern: Red Linen Robe - .10
Wool Cloth - 19.1
green mail pants - 5.71
shadowgem - 1.91
Copper Ore x6 - 119.46

Total Sales: 164.47

Riding Skill 3.50
Mount .90 (Yes I got the dreadsteed through skills, but I wanted a wolf =] )

Total Gold: 425.63

Copper Ore is easy gold, it's always in demand. I will try to put some effort next week in leveling the lock up. I'd like to get into the next zone and see what I can find to sell.

Thanks for checking in!


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